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So I did not mean to offend anyone by my post or even to be unkind about the Facebook post with 26 photos of the woman with her simple 4 patch quilt who called herself an artist but I guess saying the post seemed pretentious did come across that way and I’m sorry.

I do believe quilting is a creative endeavor no matter whether you make art or blankets. The process itself of creating something beautiful and useful is what keeps me going back to my sewing room time and time again.

I found the discussion very interesting and varied and I have to say I really like Jeanne’s description. Not artist, not crafter but Artisan.

Like many of you the label I use for myself is Quilter and now I need to go into my sewing room and prep some more quilts for binding.


  1. Artisan is an interesting descriptor to use for someone who makes quilts. I’ve heard it applied to other crafts, but never quilting.

  2. I also like the term Artisan. I’m not sure how my kids would react if I called myself an artisan. I guess what matters is how I feel, not them.

  3. I do wish I could accomplish just a fourth of what you get quilted or knitted. When I get home from work I just want to crash. Your bike ride picture is gorgeous. We had a dusting of snow yesterday and our temps are in the low 30’s.

  4. Recently I realized no matter what I say or how I say it someone will get offended. I am a quilter. I quilt with love. Artist, craftsman, or artisan. All are labels trying to say too much in my case. I am just a quilter.

  5. I don’t understand why people have to get so precious about what their hobby is described as! I sew quilts from my own designs and from the designs of others. I also like to fondle fabric. Wonder how I label that? (Insert inward mad and guilty giggle here).
    Life is too short to apologise for your thoughts Mary. Even when you share them with Quilty friends online. They do quilt after all.

  6. Mary you have no reason to apologize – these are your thoughts. I have seen quilts that I consider to be art, however none that I have made come close. Yours (and mine) are carefully thought out, colour and material choices carefully selected; they are warm, cuddly and serve the original purpose of a quilt.

  7. Hello Mary
    I think you sell yourself short. Your quilts and blankets are lovely and you choose really nice fabrics and colours. We are so lucky with the huge range of fabric to choose from. If I were to apply the description of artist to any quilt makers it would be to those women during the depression who made vibrant quilts out of whatever they had in hand with no other purpose than to keep their families warm.
    Pamela Roberts

  8. Hi Mary. I don’t feel you had anything to apologize for. You were simply stating your own opinion, which is a right and a freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. That your comments “offended” someone is a given in today’s world. We can’t even look twice at anything or anyone without someone being “offended”. The Offense Syndrome seems to be running rampant in this country. My own philosophy is that if you don’t like what I say or do, then don’t look or listen. I apologize to no one for exercising my right of free expression. To the subject of a label…quilter, artist, sewist…what to call what we do. It is a personal choice…I prefer “Maker” for myself. I make things with love for home, family and friends. Hang in there, Mary and never apologize for what you truly feel.

  9. Oh my, this remined me of an incidence many years ago at Joann’s. My mom and I were in line waiting for fabric to be cut, and these 2 ladies had some being cut. We innocently asked what quilt they had planned. They actually raised their noses in the air looked down at us and said “We only make designer quilts” and left it at that! Like we weren’t even worth their breath!! We just looked at each other, rolled our eyes and later laughed so much. I guess they couldn’t figure out why we peasants would bother speaking to them? So pretentious, I think that is the perfect word!!!

  10. Dear Mary……you are you, a beautiful person so loved by your family and your friends on your blog! No need for feeling bad. Sending a gentle hug from rural Minnesota…..14 degrees F. With real feel of 8! 🤗😷

  11. Don’t apologise. People these days get offended over nothing.

    I remember going to one of the first Modern Quilt Shows in Austin. This gal had ‘designed’ a little wallhanging with drunkards path blocks. She went on and on about she had CREATED this wonderful new block, and was going to patent it!

    We were ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)….. Guess it comes down to the person’s perspective. In this case a novice ‘artisan’ thinking she had created something that has been out there for generations.

  12. My husband and I are introverts. We are careful about wearing masks and maintaining social distance when we go out grocery shopping, and have curtailed our activities. Visits with our children and grandchildren have been extremely rare, masked occurrences. Since we don’t mind being alone, the pandemic has not caused us as much mental anguish as other people. In spite of that, there have been many days when your postings have been a much needed bright light in a field of gray. Please don’t apologize for having an opinion. You didn’t give the woman’s name or show a picture of her quilts. You stated what you feel about your own quilting. I think you’re an artist, but that is just my opinion. I think I’m a woman who likes to piece tops. The fact that those tops rarely get finished doesn’t bother me and I have no intention of apologizing for it. Of course, I’m not an artist.

  13. Your post of apology was very kind and to the point. I admire you in so many ways. Thank you for your faithful blogging and sharing your life with us all.
    I call myself an everyday artist. An some of my work is, in fact, artistic. Most of it is rather mundane, however. But I hope that all of it brings some pleasure and joy into someone else’s life.

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