A trip to the beach

Keith had the afternoon off so we took a late lunch and our books down to the beach. I can’t remember the last time we went to Pass-A-Grille beach in St Pete but I bet it’s been a couple years. Time flies by so fast and even though you’d think this year would be less busy since we’re not traveling like we usually do, we’ve been back and forth to the house at Big Canoe a lot since buying it in April so we haven’t been home any more than in a normal year.

I’ll take being able to sit out and read on the beach in mid December any day even if it was a bit overcast and breezy!

I started my December precut quilt last night after Keith went to bed. I only worked about an hour before coming downstairs to bind and I worked a little today when we got home from the beach. I’ll be piecing this one in between getting all the quilting and binding on my list done. This month we got to pick our own precut and I wanted something super easy that I didn’t have to think about – I decided on another one of my Windmills quilts based on a vintage quilt I found on eBay. One of these days I’m going to make a RWB version of it too.

6 thoughts on “A trip to the beach

  1. I’d gladly sit on a Florida beach in December too! We don’t have snow here now in s w. Ontario but it’s really cold and overcast… (-3 C / 26 F).
    I love a windmill quilt – easy to make and a lot of impact!


  2. I can almost smell the salt air! Thanks for the windmill quilt. I have a lot of 2.5 straps left from mask-making. This is perfect! Jan


  3. Oh my! Polo shirt and shorts in mid-December!!!! I’ve got on two sweaters, tights under my jeans and down leg warmers on today! And the snow has started fluttering!


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