It’s finished!

My contractor emailed me that the longarm room at Big Canoe is finished. I had originally planned to wait to finish this room but we decided to go ahead and get it done and use it as a spare bedroom until the time comes to move the longarm there. You can’t get a sense of the room size from the 3 photos he sent but you can see the floor, the ceiling, the walls, and the window! Click on any photo to see a larger view. I’m very happy to have it done!


  1. It looks great and I’m sure exciting to see your dreams come to life! The grey walls gives it just a touch of contemporary without losing the feel of the location. Great combination with the dark wood floors. I’m sure your going to love being in the room.

  2. It looks great! It will be nice to have a room just for the long arm. My long arm sits in my not much used living room. I do have a large living room, so that helps. Plus, it’s a real conversation piece when visitors have never seen such a machine. :0) Have fun moving all your things into place.

  3. Great idea – know from experience that having things ready before they are absolutely required is the way to go – one never knows when one’s plans might have to alter. Good looking guestroom in the mean time!

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