I may be slowing down but I’m still working… Sue’s Batik Rail fence is quilted. It’s #17 for December for me and the pantograph is Dollop.

Keith and I are planning to go to the beach tomorrow but I hope to get my last quilt bound too. These last two tops of Sue’s will wait for the new year to get bound.

4 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. It’s OK to slow down a little – and enjoy a day at the beach with your husband. You’ve been very productive this month.


  2. omg the Beach . I cant even think about that up here in NYC its cold, the beach is so not in my mind lol. I always find it amazing how the weather is so different . Its great that you can enjoy the beach in January have fun .


  3. Quilt looks great ! You do a really good job on all of them ! The bike ride sounds good. It’s been so long since I’ve been on one I’d probably fall off . I use to love to ride. Have a Happy New Year!!!


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