2020 results

I like to do a summary each year to see what I’ve accomplished. My biggest failure this year was keeping up with donations. I have a ton of quilts, blankets, and scarves that I need to find homes for.

2020 Summary

58 tops quilted
• 3 were my tops that were gifted
• 2 were set aside to be gifted or donated later
• 33 were my tops for donation
• 5 were tops by Mom
• 11 were Tops pieced by other HeartStrings quilters
• 4 were doll quilts

35 quilts were started
• 27 are finished
• 8 are finished tops

14 UFOs were finished
• 8 UFOs were NOT finished
• 8 of the 2020 new starts will become UFOs in 2021

Total UFOs heading into 2021 = 16

16 quilts donated

Knitting and crochet
• 13 blankets made
• 12 were crocheted
• 1 was knit
• 16 hats were knit

5 knit UFOs were finished

14 blankets were donated


  1. It’s fun looking at all your progress this year Mary, and even more so to see many of the string quilts you’ve done over the years. It’s neat to click on one after the other as it does indeed highlight how individual they all are and yet each is lovely in it’s own right. Congrats on all your anniversaries and accomplishments, not the least of which is that other than a few more grays, neither of you look 15 years older!

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