My last top quilted for 2020 was done today. It’s the 3rd and last of the Rainbow HeartStrings tops I made with our Maine group this year. The plan was to take the blocks to the September sew-in and make and tie group quilts from everyone’s blocks but since the sew-in was canceled due to COVID, we had a virtual sew-in and I assembled 3 tops from the blocks I’d made and had a few leftover to send to Brenda to combine with other leftovers into group quilts. Pantograph is Leafy Love.

This also ends my December quilting and binding marathon. I exceeded my goal of quilting and binding 15 tops and got a head start on January’s goals.

  • 18 tops quilted
  • 16 quilts bound
  • 9 backings pieced
  • 4 battings pieced

I’m sewing Tumblers with my HeartStrings group tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll make one or two quilts but we’re going to have some fun with tumblers in January.


  1. Your quilt is so pretty. I like the color combinations. I started my first quilt almost 49 years ago when I turned 11. I gave it to my Mom and when she died 5 years ago it returned to me. I taught myself to quilt and my first quilts were a combination of embroidery and applique. Here’s to a healthier new year.

  2. Wow – such a wonderful finish to 2020. Such a productive month you have had and such great anniversaries to celebrate.

    I really like that leafy love pantograph, just so appropriate for that quilt. Enjoyed the slide show of all the heart strings quilts too.

    I have an anniversary to celebrate too – Have been following your blog since December 2007 and it has given me a lot of joy, pleasure and inspiration over those years. Thank you and best wishes for a better 2021.

  3. You had an outstanding month! You have given a lot of people comfort with your quilts. Congrats on the Heartstrings and blogging anniversaries. I’m glad you started blogging and that I’ve gotten to meet you, Deb and your Mom! Happy 2021 to you, Keith and your family.

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