Not quite a quilt in a day but the top is done. My Bright Tumblers have been assembled. I debated those darker blue blocks but left them in. In person, the contrast isn’t as severe as it looks in the photo and I liked the quilt better with them in it.

Maybe this photos demonstrates that better. At any rate, the decision is made, the top is done and it will make a nice donation quilt.

I’m setting easier goals in January. I want to get back in the habit of walking and biking more frequently. I’m not going to say everyday but I’d like to be out there doing something more active several times a week and that takes away from my quilting time. If I get everything done, I’ll add more to the list.

  • Quilt the last 3 tops from Sue and get them all bound
  • Add the last border to Mom’s Hunter Star and get it quilted
  • Make a Tumbler top – done
  • Work with my strings and make a set of Strips and Strings log Cabin blocks
  • Bind my Rainbow HeartStrings quilt
  • Make progress on the ripple blanket


  1. The quilt is quite nice with the darker pieces – picks up those colors in several of the other tumblers. I especially like the two inset brick sections, adds more interest! Love it! I’ve been thinking the same thing about more activities…I need to put aside the quilting a bit every day to get outside and do a brisk walk if its not raining. I’ll feel and sleep better if I do.

  2. Congrats on you first quilt being done, I haven’t even pieced my first block. I like it with the blue tumblers. But what really sets it off are the white sashing strips with the rectangles in the middle. Somebody is going to love being wrapped in this quilt!

  3. I love tumbler quilts and have a 5” template that I use for charm squares. I love the bright colors of this quilt. Like you, I thinking of changing my life routine some. I need to walk more and I need to lose weight. Since I’m still recovering from pneumonia, this will be a slow process, but still doable. Slow but sure!

  4. I made a carpenter’s star quilt with those fabrics in 2017 – a Craftsy kit. And in 2018, I replicated it as a doll quilt with the leftover fabrics.

  5. Love the tumbler shape and colors. A very happy quilt. I have a tumbler die for my cutter and should use it more Often for bigger scraps!

  6. This is a fun, cheerfully colored quilt. I had to go back and look closer to see they were in fact bordered brick rows. I had seen them as a slices of a sewn row of tumblers; which one could do. But, I agree that bricks give a nice change in the rhythm.
    I spent several hours yesterday slicing strips from a large stack of previously pressed scraps. Your tumblers inspired me to grab my 6”one and cut from the denim in another stack. Since it will be heavier, that one may need to go to my son’s home for a heavier winter quilt, or a picnic quilt. Eventually, I’ll come across another color/fabric to throw in. Right now, time for more cutting.

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