A little cleaning and organizing this afternoon and then I loaded and quilted this top of Sue’s. Pantograph is Flower Power.

I’ve now got 4 waiting for binding so tomorrow I’ll trim at least a couple of them and get the binding started. Tonight after Keith heads to bed, I’ll make some more log cabin blocks. I won’t work all that long, just an hour or two and then I’ll head to my chair and crochet. I’m not sleeping at all at night but I sleep all morning. I’m not going to worry about it as long as I make progress on my goals. Mornings are not my friend at the best of times so it’s a good thing that for now, I have no morning appointments or travel scheduled in January so no need to get up early. That’s the tough part, not sleeping at night and having to be up in the morning.


  1. Reading about your inability to sleep much really brought back memories for me. I used to get maybe 3-4 hours per night, and often woke up at 12 or 1 or whenever, as I had an extremely high stress job. I always woke up with a solution to work problems, so eventually didn’t mind the odd times I awoke, but I was extremely sleep deprived for many years….not good! I started taking Melatonin and it really helped me to go to sleep and at least get more sleep. Now that I’m retired I usually get NINE hours, although sometimes I’ll again wake at 12 or 1 (usually with a work related nightmare where I forgot to meet a client or some such nonsense). At least now I can take a nap or go back to bed later in the morning to get a bit more sleep. I hope things settle down for you – its miserable not getting sleep! Lovely quilt, too – you are FAR more productive than I am, and I’m retired!! : ) Deb

  2. Pretty quilt!! I can’t believe you can do all that and not get much sleep. I need at least 7 hrs a night to keep myself from yawning all day long. And we are usually up by 6:30 or 7 am. I wish I could sew at night though because then the puppy is sleeping and quiet. But I would pay for it the next day. I finally got my quilt back from my quilter, 5 months, so I have some binding to do. This is a special quilt so I will be hand binding.

  3. I too can end up awake half the night if I don’t get enough protein at lunch. For me that means about 15 grams. The dr. doesn’t understand why but I do what works for me. I also get protein at breakfast and make sure I get a good bit at supper.

  4. I can be awake half the night if I don’t get enough protein at lunch. I can sleep like a baby on at least 15 grams of protein. I also make sure I get enough at breakfast and supper.

  5. I love this cute panto. It looks like it would go really fast. I feel bad for your sleep problems. Mine resolved with vitamin D. Now I sleep like the dead. But everyone is different. I think it’s most important to follow your own circadian rhythm. As long as you feel rested does it really matter when you sleep?

  6. I love this simple quilt, it’s really lovely. I am a morning person and love the early mornings. Since I’m recovering from pneumonia, I sleep about 9 hours a night and a 2 hour nap every afternoon. I’ve found that each person has their own sleep patterns and you’ve found what works for you. You are extremely productive making quilts and they are so beautiful too.

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