I’m working on binding around here today. It’s funny but I always used to bind a quilt as soon as I’d quilted it, most times that very same day but now I seem to work better in batches. I had 4 waiting for binding and I got them all trimmed, the binding made and machine stitched on 2 of them, and they’re ready for hand stitching. When I finish those two, I’ll get the bindings made and sewn on the other two. I stitch them down in the evening after Keith has gone to bed, that part hasn’t changed.

All trimmed and ready for binding! Just one of these is mine, the other 3 are Sue’s tops that I’m finishing for donation.

They don’t sit and wait long for binding … usually no more than a week or so. I’ve got plenty of UFOs but I never could understand having UFOs that just needed binding. It’s funny how we get bogged down in different parts of the process. I just don’t quilt as fast as I piece and then when you add in Mom’s quilts and tops sent by other HeartStrings quilters, my bottleneck is always tops waiting for quilting.


  1. Mary
    What a terrible problem to have. LOL
    Like I have said before your productivity is inspiring. Would like to jump on donation band wagon but can’t afford the quilting to turn around and give it away.
    Your new year is off and running. Love reading about your progress.

  2. Like you I usually do the binding soon after it’s quilted. I haven’t had anything to bind since early in December and I miss having the handwork in the evenings. Guess I need to get something accomplished.

  3. They are all beauties, but the one with squares and four patches looks like a great stash buster, are the four patches just randomly placed in both directions, I’ve studied both pictures and can’t really tell,could you please post a picture showing the whole quilt. Thank You!

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