I have tried to keep my head down and just hold out for January 20 but I can no longer sit here in silence. I have nothing but contempt for Trump and the supporters that know what he is doing is wrong and still refuse to stand up to him. He lost. False claims of fraud which of course only occurred in states he lost and the inciting of violence. This is NOT what my country stands for and the actions today of Trump supporters, storming our capital will not change the outcome of our election. Thankfully, our system does work. I will delete any comments supporting the actions of today. If you find that objectionable and never want to visit my blog again, I’m OK with that.


  1. I just came up and tried to do some piecing but I am too upset to sew. Watching Josh Hawley give a power salute to the mob that shot up our temple of Democracy and killed a woman, and then give a speech about how the election results needed to be invalidated was just too much for me. No need to allow this comment to post. Just a thank you for all you have done and for having a lovely soul.

    • My heart hurts for our country and how it has suffered so much under drumpf and his minions. I can’t and won’t say or type his name. Will we ever be able to recover? I’m 74 years old. I pray I live long enough to see some semblance of integrity and honor in our government.

    • You are sadly mistaken. He will NEVER admit it. His narcissist ego can’t take failure. He will scream about this on his deathbed and how he was robbed by a rigged election and a country overrun by fraud.

      • Good news tonight that Twitter has banned him! At least that should help limit his communications.

  2. Disgraceful and criminal. I can’t believe that Americans have stooped to such lows as they did today. The 25th Amendment needs to be evoked.

    • And hoping that it never happens in our country, but of course it can if we are not vigilant. I guess that is how Hitler got into power in Germany

      • It is how Hitler got into power. Always remember this personality that trump exhibits.

  3. Preach it, sister! Josh Hawley is embarrassingly enough from my state of Missouri. He appears to be very like Donald, he will do anything just so he is in the spotlight and being talked about. Silly us, before today we thought things couldn’t get any worse… January 20 can’t come soon enough.

  4. 100% with you Mary. It’s been a devastating day. The news just reported 4 deaths now. And these people were summoned by the President. These deaths are on his shoulders along with 100s of thousands of Covid deaths that might have been diminished by supporting scientists and virology experts.

    I pray for Biden and Harris and that somehow they bring us back to the middle with a common goal for our country and it’s citizens.

  5. Totally agree! I went from anger to holding back tears as I watched the attack on the capital. I couldn’t sew for a while either. Did some simple cross stitch while watching it on TV. I did get better after a while and went to my machine. Gotta finish step 6 in the BH Mystery after all. I strongly agree with invoking the 25th on this guy. He could do a lot worse things. Even after he’s out of office.

    • Impeachment would make him ineligible to run for public office again and the reason some in Congress are suggesting it

      • Will an impeachment also make it possible for Pence to turn around and pardon him? My sister suggested this to me yesterday and now I’m wondering if that might be the ultimate goal right now. If all the Republicans support the 25th Amendment, then we know that this ploy is indeed their goal.

      • That would take weeks and he would be out of office by then. I would welcome any effort to keep him off of any ticket in the future. Not sure if the government could proceed to impeach if he is no longer the President.

  6. I sincerely thank you for your comments, Mary. I agree with you about Trump. It has been difficult for me to come to the conclusion that so many believe every lie #45 says. Even his short video today was strewn with lies. Our Congress needs to do something to reign in his power prior to 20 January. Our US Rep from where I live is one of the 126 who signed on to not recognize Biden’s win. Rep. Bergman who lists Watersmeet, MI as his domicile is retired military. Both Bergman and Trump will forever be associated with the Republicans who blindly IMHO followed politics and gave up their promise to protect our democratic form of government. What a legacy which should follow them to the end of time. We who believe in working for the people must unite under people we can trust. The fate of our government as we knew it before 2016 is at grave risk.

  7. 100% agree with you, at a loss for words… Pray for our democracy, 1/20/2021 cannot come quickly enough.

  8. Well said, Mary. My family and I watched the news in horror, from here in the UK. To say we are shocked, disgusted, is an understatement. There aren’t enough words. Our thoughts are with you all, we hope it soon comes to an end and you can all start a new chapter xx

  9. The 25th Amendment or Impeachment so he can never hold office again. He needs to be committed because he is mentally unstable. They took away his Twitter account for 12 hours? Should have permanently locked it down. How in the world do we get through an inauguration without something worse than yesterday happening. What infuriates me is we know he was sitting in front of his TV watching it all and loving every minute of it because those were his followers and they were doing his bidding. The fact that we have senators and representatives who have allowed him to get away with all of this and approved of everything he says and does is unbelievable. Nothing will stop him–nothing.

  10. Dear Mary, It is difficult for me to watch what is happening to our friends to the south of us. Here on Canada’s east coast our ties to the USA are very strong, many of us having family along the eastern seaboard and farther south as well. For months I have been watching, helpless, as those who wish to create chaos for their own ends , have been tearing at the roots of democracy in your country. I don’t believe for one minute that Trump and his minions want to save the country. I believe that they are much like Hitler, bullies, looters, and liars. It is good to hear good folks like you and other Americans giving voice to a saner part of society. Whatever the course needed to bring these corrupt individuals to justice, I sincerely hope that it happens. My dear husband has been watching the CBC news this morning, and shaking his head saying “Unbelievable! That is the US, not some foreign dictatorship I’m watching”.
    I know I can’t change anything there, but I am sending hugs .

  11. I cried yesterday watching those goons smash the windows of the Capitol. I cried watching them hang flags of dtrump and taking ours down. They are traitors to our country and I’m hoping the FBI are going through the pictures finding their names. I’m very upset that they were not arrested. If they were African Americans or Native Americans, they would have been shot and arrested. I told my son and husband that I believed danger was coming and it did. We in the US now have to move on, but we must stop dtrump first so he can never ever run again for President.

  12. From the UK I think you can say we’re stunned by the attack on democracy yesterday at the hands of the Trump supporters. I could ask who actually voted for him in the first place, but look at our Prime Minister and we’ve just left Europe. The worlds gone mad 😔😔

  13. Thank you for speaking out. I am a Canadian and was so saddened by yesterday”s events . He should have been gone long ago.

  14. I am so upset by what I saw. It has brought tears to my eyes that this is our country. Unfortunately, my mom is a supporter and she believes EVERYTHING he says and Fox says. There is absolutely no reasoning with her. I think there are MANY of his supporters that truly believe he won the election. I don’t understand how any republican senators could object after what happened and how they still are not taking any responsibility for this and the past 4 years. Praying for our country and it’s future.

  15. The radical right extremists, even some of my own relatives and people who I thought were friends, gave me a reason to delete my Facebook account during the campaigning back in 2015. The rhetoric was becoming toxic. To have someone like Trump that is so unhinged from reality gave fuel to society’s own dark beliefs and behavior. It sickened me. Social media is a platform of hate. These very people complain when Democrats want to clean up the environment, improve air quality, or protect wild areas and virgin land from oil drilling and fracking so we actually have a planet we can survive on in the future, but at the same time they buy into Trump’s total dictatorial fascism domination. What’s yours in mine and what’s mine is mine mentality. What a role model. Let them go live in China, North Korea or Russia. I consider myself a conservative Democrat. The Republican party needs to take a hard look at itself and purge the poison from within and get back to conservative ideals, not radicalism. Thanks, Mary.

  16. Nicely said. This was the worst day I’ve experienced in the US. It amazed me that the people who claimed to be so conservative (and Christian) supported a man they wouldn’t leave their teenage daughter alone with him. It saddens me to see how many still supported him after everything he spouted in the last 4 years.

  17. It’s a horrible reflection on our democracy. Many thanks to our Founding Fathers to set up our Experiment to help us through times like these. And kudos to you to delete support of what happened yesterday. It’s YOUR blog. You get to decide.

  18. As Americans we must always search for common ground. So many Quilters set side their differing opinions that they may sew in harmony. However, the events of yesterday require us to speak up. Write to your Representative/ Senator and let them know you won’t support them if they have supported this insurrection by action or inaction. They must hear from more people than the “Squeaky Wheels”. Today I will bring out my American Flag and get ready to fly it on the 20th! God bless America. Sew On!

  19. I’m with you Mary! And I agree that YOU get to control what appears on your blog. You go girl!!

  20. Like millions of Americans, I watched in horror as the news unfolded yesterday. My husband and I visited DC twice in the last few years and were awed, as much as we were when we visited it in high school. We sat in the gallery of the Senate and watched a speech and stood on the same spots where protestors defiled our halls of government yesterday. As a New Yorker, I thought nothing could ever make me feel the shock and horror I felt on 9/11. I was wrong. I grieve for the country I love and fear for the future my grandchildren will face. The genie is out of the bottle and it will not be easy to put it back in.

  21. Hi Mary. I was a Trump supporter, but his behavior since the last election has made me seriously question my decision. If I had to do it all over again, my vote would have been different. It has now been two months since the election and so much time and effort wasted in fighting the outcome. All it has done is weaken our position in the world. I believe it makes us vulnerable to terrorist activity, both foreign and domestic. The election was certified by Congress early this morning, just like we knew it would be. Mr. Biden will be come our new President in two weeks. Even though I did not vote for him, I will support him because that is what Americans do. I want a peaceful and safe nation again…no more violent protests and wanton destruction in our cities. I hope Biden can bring some of that about…he seems like a decent enough guy who wants to try. I want that kinder, gentler America again. Godspeed to you, Mr. President. May you be successful for all our sakes.

    • Grace, thank you for joining us in the middle. I truly believe 70% of us in this country are centrists but we somehow have no voice. I believe Mr Biden is that voice. I’m sure this was tough for you to write. You have my utmost respect.

  22. Hi Mary. I also watched it on tv all day and was stunned and angry. The end of his reign of bigotry and hate and indifference to the American people cannot come soon enough. I pray we get to January 20th peacefully. Thanks for all you do for the quilting community.

  23. I am Canadian, live about 30 miles from the U.S. border. I cannot believe / comprehend that just across the river to the south there are people who would intentionally do this to your nation’s Capital. I hope that Mr. Biden can bring back peace, order and a sense of decnecy. I have family ( brothers ) and very good friends living in the U.S., because of border closures we cannot currently visit; however we don’t know when we will feel comfortable in visiting even when the borders open. Trust that it will improve after January 20th.

  24. Like you, I don’t sleep well. Last night was the worst. I hope for better for us individually and as a nation once we have a change in leadership.

  25. It was truly a very sad day yesterday. I think he has done incredible harm to our country and our standing in the world. We won’t recover from this for a long time, if ever. His supporters still believe his lies and live amongst us. Very scary how quickly it can all turn.

  26. I have no doubt order will begin to return following President Biden’s inauguration, but I’m very concerned for the next 2 weeks. Absent any action to remove or at least contain Trump, there’s just no telling what his poisoned mind — and his blind, mindless minions — will conceive of to further damage our country, our government and our environment.
    Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and early evening paper-piecing little trees — mindless, repetitive, easy — while I watched this mess evolve on my TV. After a late dinner, I switched to hand quilting a cheater log cabin top I started many years ago. All of the above to self-soothe while I watched my ordered world fall apart.
    I’m a dyed-in-the-wool optimist, so I do see a better future for us all, but I am worried about the near future, and how we’ll get there. Now is the time for clear-eyed action on the part of our government.

  27. I see that your main fan base has only positive things to say about your post. I sat in horror almost all day watching events unfold. In the end, the election leaders made the obvious decision to certify the election. And the positive events in Georgia, with the election of 2 democrats, will give our new Pres. a chance to undo some of the wrongs done by the Trump admin.

    I think I’ll give your recipe a try. Looks very tasty.

  28. I agree with you Mary, and many of the other commenters here. Yesterday was unbelievable. However, the whole time this was happening I worried about why it was allowed to continue, and what if it had been terrorist instead of rioters? How did they breach what security was in place? and allowed to continue across the lawns, onto the capitol building and enter? Surely capitol security was aware of all the demonstrators entering Washington DC way before yesterdays event. Yet, they seemed totally unprepared. Almost hesitant to stop the crowd. Protecting our nations capital and the people inside did not happen and I wonder why?

  29. I live in a strongly Republican state and I can tell you the followers of 45 are not going to go away. There was a petition signed by many telling one of our senators to support not recognizing the legality of the vote yesterday. In other words, blackmail, if he wants to count on support in the next election.

  30. I totally agree with you. Biden is a decent man of integrity – I don’t agree with all of his stands, but I definitely feel that he will give our country the best chance of healing, and I pray his health holds up as he’s a good man & he has an incredibly difficult job ahead of him. I was horrified at what I was seeing yesterday, and the only hope I have is that BOTH sides will see that we all need to give Biden our support and to find middle ground in the days to come. Ignore Trump – he’s leaving, and his ‘legacy’ will be he was an example of what a American President should NEVER be. He’ll be an embarrassment to his family forever for his extremely poor, self centered behavior. I suspect that he will learn his lessons in the days to come – when lawsuits are filed & investigations are brought against him, his businesses close as no one wants to be affiliated with him, and he sees the looks in the eyes of his family when they look at him as these things unfold.

  31. Thanks, Mary for your willingness to stand up for what is right. Most of us were horrified by what happened yesterday, but we shouldn’t have been surprised. He telegraphed ahead of time for his followers to come to DC on the 6th of January. The president incited them to riot and that is what they did. He should be censured at the least, but whether it could be approved in the House and Senate remains to be seen. The nuclear codes should be removed from him, and the nuclear button (phone). There should be enough law enforcement in DC to prevent him from doing something else stupid, like what happened yesterday.

  32. Thank you for stating what should be obvious by now. The man is living in his own delusional hate filled world. He is dangerous and will never admit that he is wrong, as he has no shame and to admit defeat would go against everything he stands for . Blessed only 13 days left. of him. Amazing that only 13 —-people– terrorists were arrested, I counted 11 in the senate chamber alone. Are the authorities too afraid of Tr and his band of terrorists that could not get the rest of them? I hope we all remember how we felt yesterday and never even consider that Tr will ever again be in the public sphere.
    We have to stand up and speak out about this gross injustice that occurred

  33. I totally agree with you! It is unbelievable that there are so many angry gullible people willing to follow this dangerous person serving as our President. I am truly fearful for our democracy. Not since the Civil War has our great nation been so divided. This is a situation that will not be remedied overnight. I just pray that members of Congress can come together and govern for the well being of all citizens. The best way to voice your opinion is to write, call or email your congressmen and let them know if you agree or disagree with them.

  34. I stayed up until 4:30 am on Tuesday/Wednesday to watch the Georgia run-off returns. My husband and I stayed up until the final tally was made and the election certified for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We watched the full coverage of the attempted coup all day. I am 100% with you in your contempt, and am so anxious about the next two weeks. Do you follow Heather Cox Richardson? She’s on FB and Twitter, and is a political historian. Here’s what she said last night:

    Heather Cox Richardson (TDPR)
    Make no mistake: Trump will not stop until he is stopped. It’s not that he won’t; it’s that a personality like his can’t. He is feral and dangerous, and pretending he has hit bottom is a terrible mistake. There is always a new low to which he can sink.
    11:14 PM · Jan 6, 2021

  35. I totally agree with you. Yesterday made me sick to my stomach. I have a relative who was raised in Germany in his early childhood years and born during WWII. He is not a trump fan. I said that trump acts like a dictator and a lot like Hitler. He agreed with me. I just hope that something awful doesn’t happen in the next 2 weeks and that the country can get beyond so much hate. Truly if those rioters were black they wouldn’t have been treated so leniently.

  36. Well said. I was on my way to my mom’s yesterday when I heard news on the radio. I had about an hour left in the trip. I just needed to finish the trip. I thought of 9-11. I thought of all the innocent people in DC, thought of all the first responders and what was happening. I am not good with words so will only say God Bless America and Happy Creating to work through these times.

  37. I agree with you totally. I don’t understand why it took yesterday’s events to finally get some people to stand up and take notice. Where have they been for the past four plus years? Where does anyone learn that it’s ok to break windows, trespass, bully, etc.? Thank you for speaking up.

  38. Amen to your Jan. 7 post. I need no response. Spend your time in your sewing room instead! (big smile).

  39. All those who have supported Trump’s narcisstic behavior these 4 years share responsibility for what happened yesterday. We have 3 branches of government for a reason. They are to act as checks and balances on each other. Both the judiciary and congress utterly and irresponsibly failed in their duty to hold the presidency accountable for sane leadership. They willfully and selfishly enabled Trump to act nearly without restraint. We threw many of the bums out this past election and I sincerely hope we finish the job next in the next one (aka, Cruz and Hawley at least) after what happened yesterday. It’s a disgrace that it took yesterday’s mayhem to wake at least of few of the enablers up to the fact that what they did created a danger to themselves as much as anyone. Just ask Pence.

  40. We are not alone. Even lifelong Republicans voiced their contempt of Trump at the polls. We are also not helpless. There are many petitions circulating demanding Congressional leaders expel complicit senators and representatives. Other petitions call for ousting Trump right now before he can cause any more chaos. Use the power of your phone, email, social media to demand if your own Members of Congress were complicit they must resign and if your MOCs have supported the outcome of the presidential election and upheld their oath of office they move to expel the offenders. If their phones are busy try their local offices, leave a message on their FB page or call them out on Twitter, email them. We cannot let this rest. There has to be a tidal wave of citizens demanding they be held accountable. No one gets a pass, no excuses, let them weep all the way to the unemployment line and then be refused because they didn’t do their job.

  41. I am speechless. It’s so hard to believe there are believers in this idiot. They are all living in la-la land. When can we wake up and this nightmare will go away…soon.

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