I’ve started responding to some comments from yesterday’s post but I’m not sure I’ll be able to respond to each one and still get into the sewing room to quilt today!

For those of you seeing just comments supporting my views, I want you to know I’m deleting ones supporting the actions of Trump and HIS supporters and the conspiracy theories. It’s not something I’ve done in the past but I’m tired of listening to and responding to those justifications of his actions and the expressions of hate toward me.

I know we remain a deeply divided country but I hope that January 20 brings a change in direction, a kinder, more caring direction. I don’t expect it, but I can hope and pray that yesterday was a wake up call and that we can learn to work together again even with our differing views.

And for those of you who wrote me in anger about daring to express my views on this site, I remind you that the content here is what I choose for it to be and that you get to choose whether or not you visit. I’m closing this post to comments.