This is another one of Sue’s tops. Pantograph is Happy Times. I found some PolyQuilter thread from Superior in my bins and it was a perfect shade for this top. I haven’t experimented with threads on this machine mostly using Permacore but it ran wonderfully without any problems.

I’ve finished two bindings and tomorrow I’ll get the next two ready for hand stitching. They’re already trimmed so I won’t have to crawl around on the floor. This one will wait for binding until next week when I quilt Sue’s last top and then I’ll get them trimmed and bound at the same time.

10 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Beautiful quilt! Love the colors and the simple design that showcases them. No response is necessary. I’d rather you be in your sewing room with happy activities.


  2. Nice quilt; nice quilting! Hubs, the long-armer uses PolyQuilter sometimes. He has a HandiQuilter and it is very thread tolerant, but sometimes PolyQuilter doesn’t always work well (it’s heavier). No response required. Solace in the sewing room is understood!


  3. This is very pretty. I’ll bet it’s a relief to find additional threads that your machine likes. I’ve had quilters tell me they are pretty cautious with threads as certain thread brands work better than others.


  4. I have a HQ Avante and so far, it’s very picky with thread. I use Superior thread and signature thread and nothing else. My Avante has been a very serious problem child since I got it. I’d love something different. Your quilt is beautiful, love those fabrics.


  5. I love this Pant and I learned about it from you along with several others. I’m glad you give us the name. There are so dang many out there and I don’t love online shopping so I appreciate the shortcut 🙂


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