A family challenge

Half the battle for me is getting something into my routine. Every night I think about what I want to accomplish the next day and my fitness goals have been lacking, certainly the last few months given the broken ankle, but I haven’t been truly consistent with my fitness goals in the last couple years. The suppression therapy for my thyroid cancer made me tachycardic and very sensitive to heat limiting me to some degree. We did more biking which was good, some hiking, and I still enjoyed some kayaking but I got out of the habit of walking for exercise on a regular basis. We’ve done a family challenge with the boys before and they usually poop out after a few months so we’ll see how it goes this year. The goal is to walk 2021 miles this year – in teams of two. Luckily, I have Keith on my team because he is the most consistent of all of us and logs the most miles.

Chris for some crazy reason decided to hike the approach trail to the Appalachian Trail this weekend with a friend to log some of his miles. They were going to camp out tonight and then tomorrow night they were going to stay at the Hike Inn. (I’ve been wanting to do that for several years and we have plans to do it together when life returns to normal – when I’ve been vaccinated!) He called me this afternoon with a change in plans … asking could they stay at Big Canoe tonight. They weren’t expecting snow!

They hiked 10 miles today and they’ll head out again tomorrow to hike for the day (it is Georgia, there shouldn’t be much accumulation) and will stay tomorrow night at the Hike Inn as planned. For tonight they’re tucked up at Big Canoe with pizza, beer, and a nice fire! Not to mention beds and hot showers!

As far as my results go, while I haven’t logged any great number of miles, I’m getting out a fair amount – walking 11 days out of the first 16 days of the month and fitting in a walk in my daily activities is starting to feel like a habit again.


  1. Nice job getting out all those days, Mary; it is so difficult getting back into a routine…I haven’t been walking regularly either since my sciatica reared its ugly head!! But am trying to make it a priority instead of a “fit it in whenever” and then falling off the treadmill–so to speak ;)))
    Good luck on your 2021 miles…I am aiming for 30 min/day these days…
    hugs, from my recliner (see what I mean?) Julierose

  2. Good work Mary. It is not easy to develop what is a habit for me when we speak of exercising. I did just have my first physio session on Thursday, and we are starting with some ankle strengthening exercises, so maybe I will be able to join you on your walks in a month or so.

  3. with my cardiac status i HAVE to exercise regularly….my goal is 4x per week for the half hour recommended by AHA….cardioman says i am in the top 10% of his patients over 70 who exercise that much, so if he’s happy, i’m happy…not bad for this previously die hard couch potato..

  4. Good luck and best wishes. I know I have to fit it in I n the morning because the afternoon and evening routine has become short jaunts between my ironing board and my sewing machine. I 💚🤎💙 hiking, biking and kayaking too. And my 🐩! She gets me out there.

  5. That’s a great goal for 2021, Mary! You can do it! You’ll make walking a regular habit, you’re off to a great start. I enjoy getting outside for a walk and some fresh air to clear my head. I also remind myself I need to keep moving so I can later sit and sew/read.

  6. Good for you, Mary! The secret I’ve found if I happen to relapse, is not to berate myself but just get myself back out there. Wishing you well!

  7. Mary, you inspired me in 2016 after posting about using the Walking4Fun site. I have now completed 24 of the trails. I am walking the Pacific Northwest Trail right now and then just have the Pacific Crest Trail to do. I walk every day on my treadmill and read while walking. So, thank you very much for all of your inspiration health wise and in the quilting world!

  8. Good for you Mary! I want to walk more this year too. But being in Kansas means I will start on the treadmill and then transition to outside when it gets a little warmer. The older I get the smaller my window of temperature tolerance. I don’t like it colder than 50 degrees or warmer than 85 degrees!

  9. I walk most days. I was trying to get the January challenge on the fitness app on my watch which was 88 minutes of exercise a day for the whole month. I was slightly ahead of the game when my achilles tendon became very inflamed, to the point where I could barely walk. I had to take three days off. Now I am so far behind on the challenge I won’t make it, which is disappointing. Do you try and do the monthly challenges on the watch?

    The pandemic has meant that my husband is working from home, so now he walks with me instead of driving to work. Funny times, but we are adapting. I suspect he won’t want to go back to commuting!

  10. The binded Quilts are beautiful. is there a pattern for sues Quilts in your blog? You are very bissy. Sorry for my bad english.

    Greeting Guilitta from germany

  11. Good for you – even a short walk counts when you need to get moving. Keep on truckin! We’ve always been hikers and bikers. But covid increased our activity to the point of hiking about 6 days a week. We simply couldn’t look at these 4 walls all day, every day! Sending photos to our kids was probably driving them crazy. So they pushed us to start an instagram Deskhikers. We are CPAs. If your venn diagram of interests intersect at CPA corny humor and hiking the hudson valley, check us out!

  12. Wow about all that walking you’ve already accomplished and good luck with your goal, love the idea of a family challenge ❤️👍

  13. Arrgh! I got way out of the walking habit and haven’t found a way back in! I hated being controlled by what my pedometer said and found myself checking it hourly until I felt like I was cursed! I threw it all away by deleting the pedometer app on my phone and haven’t walked except for necessity since then… I feel free but also fat and clunky. Sigh… can I hold off until it gets warmer?

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