Almost done

I’m working my way through my list for the week. Sunday I was convinced I wouldn’t get it all done but I was wrong. Everything is checked off except finishing the Ripple Afghan and I’m pretty sure I have time to finish that up. I still have laundry and packing too but I’ve got 3 days left.

Today I got Chris’ camouflage camper bedspread trimmed and the binding is on. He had seen one online that had names embroidered on some webbing and ordered the names of his grandfathers – all 3 served in the military – so I added those to the corners before sewing the binding on. The Bernina handled the thickness with NO trouble.

I also finished the Hopeful Heart log cabin blocks and they are packed away to assemble at Big Canoe. I’ve talked Mom into sending me some hearts for the next one! I want to try one with multicolored hearts and backgrounds so she’s going to dig in her scraps for me!

I’ve also been washing a bunch of quilts getting them ready to donate. They’re going to GA and I’ll be donating them through the guild at Big Canoe. I just hope I have room in the car for everything! The stack on the left were donated tops I finished up and the ones on the right are my donation quilts. I’ve got some more child size ones at Big Canoe that can be donated too once I get them washed.


  1. I love the heart quilt, it’s just beautiful. The second quilt I ever made was to be intended someday for a baby. I sewed wonky strips of various pink fabrics that were turned into hearts. I added solid pink sashing and various borders. My granddaughter loved it so I gave it to her. I’m not into anything camouflage, I honestly just dislike it as it reminds me of killing, either in animals or war. I’m very impressed with your stack of quilts, I have a huge stack here too but Project Linus at our hospitals are not accepting them now because of Covid.

  2. The fact that you have done so much of your list is no surprise. I am surprised at how much I like Chris’ quilt! The hearts are simple pleasing concepts but the camo is more difficult to make appealing to the masses, but you did great!

  3. What a great idea to have the grandfathers’ names put onto the webbing for this quilt. That makes it even more special. Your heart quilt is so pretty!

  4. Wow, I can’t believe all the quilts you made. I’m lucky to finish one every 6 months. I love the heart quilt and would not want to give that one away. You are amazing!!!

  5. A wonderful tribute to Chris’ grandfathers!
    A multicolor heart quilt sounds fun.
    Safe travels to Big Canoe!

  6. No surprise at what you have achieved. You are so productive. Love the hearts and adding GP names to the commo quilt great touch. Travel safe

  7. I really like your heart quilt. I have a stack of appliqued heart blocks that I made for a quilt for my daughter back in the mid 90’s. They were too girly for her and I’ve never made them into a quilt. I wish I could be as productive as you are in getting quilts made in addition to all the afghans and hats you make. You’re a kind and generous lady. Safe travels to Georgia.

  8. I love that green fabric on the bottom of your stack of quilts to donate. Thank you for finding so many quilts to donate – they will be warm hugs to many.

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