Another mess tackled

I shared a photo of my desk a few weeks ago. I pile papers up over months in my “to be filed or shredded” box and eventually the time comes that I must deal with them. The first week of March is always tax prep week for me so since we’re heading to Big Canoe for a few weeks, I got an early start and cleared out the box, I filed papers that need to be kept and shredded probably 70% of what was in the box.

I also spent a couple hours crocheting this morning and I think I’m getting close to finishing the ripple Afghan too. Tomorrow, I plan to do laundry and pack.


  1. Ugh! Shredding is one of the most onerous tasks. Our society has made it so trash is a means to steal. This is so sad. I used to work with sensitive data that we first shredded then burned. I had to shred as we went along and then when the room had 3 or 4 large size bags we had to burn. After handling sensitive data for 13 years I have grown to truly dislike people willing to go through trash for information.

  2. We used to shred too, and put the shredded paper out in the blue box – but our recycling company won’t accept shredded paper now, so we either cut out the “private” information, or use the papers as fire-starters in our wood-burning stove.

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