You guys are going to have to bear with me for a while. This summer Keith kept asking me how many photos of deer I needed when I jumped up and snapped photos of every one that came by but I just love seeing the wildlife in the yard – even the squirrels! I’m going to have to create an album of these I think so I don’t feel the need to post every video here but as always, you can just skip past any posts that don’t interest you!

I thought this might have been a cat at first but after looking it up, I’m pretty sure it’s a gray fox.

Furthermore, in a grayscale image, the dark upper edge of the tail is much more pronounced in the gray fox as it extends from the back. Also the tail tip of the gray fox has a wide black band that is lacking in the red fox in which the tail tip will often show white fur.


  1. Definitely looks like a fix to me, Mary. What do you think you’ll see next? I looked out the window of my SIL’s house in the Poconos and saw a bear!!

  2. I’m not sure if it’s a fox or a cat. There is a neighbor cat that sets off our Ring camera almost every night and it looks very similar to this. And he brings friends…UGH!! Hard to tell without seeing the head. Do you have cats in your neighborhood? I have seen many, many deer in the wild and never get tired of it. We have a lot of birds and I have 4 hummingbird feeders out. And a bird bath. I never get tired of watching them.

  3. Interesting! This fellow walks more like a cat than a fox. Perhaps he will return for a better photo soon.

  4. I’m not 100%sure Mary, but this creature doesn’t move just like a fox. We have a number of red fox groups here, and yearly we watch them raise their young. Their gait seems a bit different from this video. hard to be sure, but fun to study them.

  5. Maybe you’ll see him again and get better looks at the face as well. I thought fox too, as it has shorter legs than most cats. But whatever it is – it’s fascinating to see what critters visit. We had 5 deer in our FRONT lawn a few days ago. Usually we see them come through our back yard. But these were pawing in the new snow, possibly to reach some frozen grass beneath. Our neighbors have seen mountain lions below our house several times. Our back yard drops off into a wide ravine where the mountain lions have been seen.

  6. We have cameras in the woods by my house too. We see deer,bears, foxes, raccoons,birds and even a bobcat! So fun,glad you are enjoying.

  7. I am definitely saying not a cat. Looks very healthy and in good coat. I think by the shape you are correct that it is a fox. Shorter than the coyotes here. The coyotes here tend to be longer legged and coats look coarser. I am agreeing with your evaluation.

  8. That looks like a cat. It’s got that cat saunter to its stride. It’s taking it’s time. I don’t know the first thing about foxes, but I wouldn’t expect them to have such a lazy stroll through the hood. They’d be more quick about getting from point A to point B. Ears look short, too.

  9. It’s a Fox. Definitely. We have red Fox here and they walk slowly like that. Coyote don’t have a tail like that and it’s sure not a cat. I love your photos too, except I’m not a fan of squirrels due to our having so many on our property. We have a huge oak tree here with thousands of acorns dropping but they terrorize our bird feeder constantly. We get so many we trap them and take them about five miles away to a park. Apparently they can return within two miles.

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