I put the last stitch in this easy Ripple Afghan this afternoon and wove in all the ends. I’m not happy with this colorway and as you can see from the photo below, the dye job was “messy” with colors bleeding on to each other however when I sit with it across my lap and don’t study it too closely, It looks fairly nice. At the very least, it will provide a warm blanket for someone in need and I’ll be a little more choosy about which colorways I use in this yarn.

  • Pattern – Easy Ripple found free on Ravelry
  • Hook size – (I)
  • Yarn – Caron Big Cakes, colorway Citron Fizz – I used 2.5 cakes
  • Starting chain = 130 and the blanket is about 42 x 65


  1. Frustrating for the yarn to look that bad because there had to be effort in any project made with that yarn and it doesn’t hold up. It really will be welcomed but still…

  2. I like the way it turned out – thought the bleeding was just the way it was supposed to be!! I just finished my Ripple Afghan with the same yarn in the Creme Brulee colorway. It has more abrupt color changes but when it’s spread out it looks great too!!

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