It all fit!

I can’t believe Keith got everything to fit. Last week I decided I’d take a BUNCH of quilts to Big Canoe to donate … and I already had a pretty full load going back with us. I was really worried it wouldn’t fit. Chris will be happy to hear the Camo quilt made it – I’ve still got to stitch that binding down. The Elna is going so I’ll have two machines there.

I’ve got TWO bins with quilt blocks and projects and scraps, project bags with yarn … and of course our suitcases. There’s just enough room left for Keith’s suitcase and his briefcase. He’s gotten pretty good at this!


  1. Great packing to be able to get all your necessities in. On our last extended vacation, I discovered that with all that I had to bring, my quilts (the most important items) barely fit in our Expedition. So, I unpacked the vehicle and laid the quilts flat, open on the seats. Wow, what a difference. They fit and I had room to spare. I also used one across all my ”things” to hide them from anyone who looked in the vehicle. Fast forward to Monday of this week. We traded in the Expedition for an Acadia, so, there will be some serious downsizing for travel or more creative packing.
    Have a safe and restful time in North Georgia.

  2. Paul proved his car packing chops in 95 when he packed our daughter’s Neon with all of her college stuff and had enough room for both he and my daughter to drive safely to Missouri. It’s a man thing and I am glad. I will stick to making a decent meal at the end of vacation with the leftover groceries.

  3. Great pack job and safe travels! I know you’ll enjoy Big Canoe. And Chris will get his quilty hug from Mom 🙂

    The longest I’ve spent at our cabin was 17d and that was recent. I had taken enough projects for another 2w I realized. It’s all good right?

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