I moved things around in the sewing room today and set the Elna up. I think I can probably get an insert for this table and drop the machine down but for now, I’m just going to sew with it on top. I started sewing half square triangles and making pinwheel blocks. I need to make a set of 35 pinwheel blocks and then I’ll take them back to Tampa to twist.

Tomorrow I’ll also start assembling the Log Cabin Hearts with the Jane! It’s nice that I’ll be able to work on both projects at the same time. I love having two machines set up.


  1. Mary, it looks like your Elna is sitting on a Gidget II table. I have one too. I don’t know if you are aware that there are 2 models of this table and they each have a particular insert. In older tables, like mine, the sewing well is non-beveled and the insert has a lip that rests on top of the table. Some time after I bought my table, they switched to a beveled sewing well so the insert sits flush with the table top. I wanted to be sure you knew in case you order a new insert. I went on the Arrow site before writing this comment and it appears that both types of inserts are still available.

    Funny thing, the Gidget II was supposed to be for larger machines than the Gidget I. But there was only one chain mechanism for adjusting the level of the bed and it went on the right side of the table. The needle end of my machine sat distinctly lower than the other end where the chain was and there was no getting it completely level. There clearly needed to be a chain mechanism at both ends. Annoyed, I went to the hardware store, found the same kind of chain and screw set, installed it, and wrote a complaint to Arrow. A while later, Arrow notified purchasers of the original Gidget II without the second chain mechanism that they would supply them with one free of charge. It made me laugh as I had already fixed mine but I gave Arrow credit for taking customer complaints to heart. I bet that they switched to the inserts sitting flush with the surface at the request of customers too. I would have preferred the flush mount but the one I have works fine. It’s been a good sturdy little table.

  2. I know I’ve bought a couple of acrylic inserts custom made for my tables. Let me know if you want the name. (Too tired to go back downstairs again!) not terribly expensive and fit like a charm. If you do custom you have to give them specific measurements… looks like you are getting a lot done.

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