Log Cabin #2

Today was pretty much like yesterday … first a hike – 4.3 miles today. I love this little historic cabin in the middle of the woods.

Then I came back and assembled the other Strips and Strings Log Cabin top. So I brought 3 sets of blocks to assemble and they’re all finished tops and it’s just week one of our visit. Luckily, I’ve got plenty here to keep me busy.


  1. Oh, That cabin!! Love it. Have you ever thought to use it is a photo shoot with your quilts? I can see the Hearts heartstring quilt photographed here.

  2. How coincidental that you found a real log cabin in the woods! It is so neat! Love your log cabin quilt!

  3. Love that cabin! It is so fun when you discover things like that. Your Strips and Strings quilts are so pretty!

  4. wow to both cabins. Is that cabin on your land? I can just see your grandkids playing there. The only sewing I accomplished this week was 8 masks were made.

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