Before photos

I kind of have a sense of deja vu … when we bought the Tampa townhouse in 2015 it was supposed to be our retirement home and we did repairs and updates so that by the time Keith retired, it would be in tip top shape (he’s not retiring any time soon!). Then this past January, we made the decision to buy a house in Big Canoe for retirement. The cooler weather, being closer to the kids and other family drove that decision and I hope we don’t change our mind again!

We’ve had a fair amount of work done getting the house in shape and next up on the list was replacing the rotting timber retaining wall by the driveway and creating a decent pathway from the driveway to the terrace level in back. You can see what bad shape the timber’s are in.

And this is what the current path from the driveway to the lower terrace level looks like … some concrete blocks, dirt, and stone that has become uneven.

I can’t wait to see it all finished!


  1. It’s been interesting reading about all the updating going on across the web. We are having concrete work done tomorrow to expand our driveway. Can’t wait to see your completed project!

  2. You know it’s serious when you see a photo of a digger – lots of after photo’s coming up I suspect 🙂 fingers crossed

  3. We just re-roofed our house. Next will be some stucco repair work, painting the house and the facia trim that we also made repairs to. We have the front bathroom to redo and carpeting in all three bedrooms. Have all new kitchen appliances. Having some old wood and junk from the garden removed tomorrow. The pool was totally redone last year. The house and yard will be in tip top shape fo sell or live in.

  4. That new retaining wall will look lovely….exciting to spruce things up isn’t it? My hubby and i are stripping old old wallpaper from our main bath–that is not an exciting job–yikes what a pain…but choosing the paint color will be fun….hugs, Julierose

  5. It’s always something, isn’t it Mary? One improvement often leads to another! Once, we got new carpet and decided we needed a new kitchen floor. This week’s new roof is pointing to new paint for the shutters and doors. A homeowner’s work is never done! Sigh…

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