Like father, like daughter!

I mentioned earlier that more mask making is in my future … Chris sent me some photos of fabric last Sunday wanting to know if I’d make some more masks for him … I said yes and he ordered the fabric. (This is a collage … there are 5 different fabrics)

Today I get a call from Chris and Rae … apparently Rae wants some new masks too and they were checking with me to see if I’d make some for her before going fabric shopping. Chris said she had a great time choosing her fabrics and was very opinionated about the ones she wanted. I told her to pick a couple for Mo too.

I say if you’ve got to wear them, they might as well be fun!


  1. If you have to wear them make them as wearable as possible and that includes the style and fabric design. Right now I am adding filter pockets because of the variants.

  2. I was making them last year for over 9 months, mostly with a filter pocket. I have some of that Universe fabric and love the Darth Vader one. My favourite that I made for myself was a Kaffe Fassett with large red leaves. On the rare occasion I go out for weekly shopping I love seeing the fabrics other people are wearing. I’m happy to say I had my 1st jab on 8th Jan. 🙂

  3. They both have fun fabric choices. And you’re right – if you have to wear the mask it might as well be fun.

  4. Love the choices. I let the kids pick and have made them each a few new ones in the past couple of weeks. I love that we can express ourselves through our fabric choices.

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