Like father, like daughter!

I mentioned earlier that more mask making is in my future … Chris sent me some photos of fabric last Sunday wanting to know if I’d make some more masks for him … I said yes and he ordered the fabric. (This is a collage … there are 5 different fabrics)

Today I get a call from Chris and Rae … apparently Rae wants some new masks too and they were checking with me to see if I’d make some for her before going fabric shopping. Chris said she had a great time choosing her fabrics and was very opinionated about the ones she wanted. I told her to pick a couple for Mo too.

I say if you’ve got to wear them, they might as well be fun!

7 thoughts on “Like father, like daughter!

  1. I was making them last year for over 9 months, mostly with a filter pocket. I have some of that Universe fabric and love the Darth Vader one. My favourite that I made for myself was a Kaffe Fassett with large red leaves. On the rare occasion I go out for weekly shopping I love seeing the fabrics other people are wearing. I’m happy to say I had my 1st jab on 8th Jan. 🙂


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