A dusting!

I love snow and it’s one of the things I miss most about Minneapolis but at least we get a little here in Big Canoe. We went for a short hike this afternoon and while it was supposed to be about 37 degrees with a possibility of rain … this happened!

Obviously, there was no accumulation while we were out but by this evening we did have a dusting – by the way Finn is NOT a fan of snow. We might get a little more overnight but I don’t expect more than an inch or so at our elevation (1700 feet).

I did get a little time in the sewing room today and I started cutting a new quilt. Remember that bin of scraps I brought with me? I started cutting 8 inch squares to make a scrappy version of my RWB hourglass quilt. I’ll cut some more tomorrow and then start sewing blocks this week. I’m using a Blue Wren quarter square triangle die for my GO cutter – the blocks will be 6 inches finished (6.5 with seam allowances). The quilt will be set 9 x 12 and it is my typical donation size quilt at 54 x 72.


  1. Your snow is very pretty especially as it is 26 degrees C here today. Like the srappy HST I am getting lots of inspiration from you

  2. I just checked and it is minus18 degrees at my home in Minnesota now. We do have snow for you but I bet you don’t miss some of our frigid temps.

  3. Wow! Blue Wren. I visited their website, and they have a terrific selection of dies. It’s nice that they come with their own mat. The postage is expensive, but do you feel that the dies are worth it?

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