We did a little rearranging today. I had a queen bed and a twin daybed in the downstairs living room. The bed was moved from the room that became my sewing room and the daybed and trundle were bought for the kids to sleep on. Now that the longarm room is finished … there’s no need for it to sit empty. I have no idea how many years it will be before we move here permanently so in the meantime it will be an extra guest room. Not that we’re having guests now but I’m hopeful that by summer or fall we will once again be able to have family visit.

It’s a nice size room which will be great for the longarm … both beds fit with plenty of room to spare.

I know the walls look pretty stark but knowing me, I doubt I’ll do much decorating since I know it will eventually house the longarm and storage shelves. For now, that leaves the downstairs living room with the ping pong table – I’ve warned Keith it’s just temporary because eventually I’ll have a couple recliners in this room and it will be my binding and downstairs knitting/crochet space but again, that won’t be until we move here permanently because I have the little nook beside the sewing room for that which will eventually house the stash!


  1. That is a lovely fireplace, and I can certainly picture this as a “curl up to knit” kind of space.

  2. You definitely have a lot of space in your house. It will be an inviting area for your guests, if and when we are able to do that again.

  3. Mary,
    Do you play ping pong? I really enjoyed it (at the local senior center pre covid).
    I was thinking also that you got out of Tampa just in time for the super bowl partying.

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