Not a lot of activity this week … except now I’m pretty sure what I thought was a fox is a cat that makes laps around the house! Doesn’t it look like it has a collar on in the last frame? We’ve never seen it during the day and I don’t know if it’s lost or if it belongs to a neighbor but I would never let a pet run loose around here.


  1. That is a collar in the last frame. I wondered about the ears in the original video if it was a cat but it was really hard to tell but now it looks more like a cat. I can’t believe it would be out at night. We live in town and have a lot of predators. Coyotes, owls, hawks and eagles that would find the kitty a tasty morsel. So the cats not only have to look out for the wildlife they have to dodge cars.

  2. Hi Mary. It does look like a reflective collar, and the creature has catlike moves. Where we live there are feral cats, but I have not seen one with a collar. This morning we are in the middle of a large snowstorm, the first one this year. Everything in the province will be closed today, not that I was going anywhere. The red hat with the aligned purl stitching is very cute

  3. Yes definitely a cat. We have neighborhood cats that set our Ring camera off at night so I am familiar with how they look on camera. It irritates me that people let their cats out like that since we have coyotes that live just down the street. Does it make you wonder what startles the deer when they run off like that? It’s funny how they seem to look right at the camera too. Fun to watch!!

  4. Yes, it looks like a cat to me too. Definitely a collar. it looks like my fat, fluffy brown tabby. I would never leave him outside. We have coyotes too because we have woods behind our house.

  5. Definitely looks like a collar in that last bit of video. And when it turns it’s head to look back, earlier in the video, it does look like a cat face.

  6. I don’t know what it is about this video, but it captures my cat’s interest EVERY TIME! I’ve never seen her follow the laptop screen as she does when I play this. It’s better than the app that has cats try to catch a mouse scurrying across the pad.


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