Linen Stitch

This is my favorite stitch for this Mandala Ombré yarn and this colorway is aptly named Happy! The yarn is super soft and works up beautifully. I’m using a pattern from a kit I purchased a while back but you can find a similar blanket at this link.

I made good progress on the hourglass quilt too. All the blocks are made and I’ve begun to assemble the top. I’m sure I’ll drag it out the rest of the week especially since I plan to hike some more if the weather holds.

Finn’s trying to convince me it’s time to go to bed ( he won’t go when Keith goes). He finally gave up and curled back up on the foot of the recliner.

7 thoughts on “Linen Stitch

  1. That yarn is definitely Happy. It makes me think of a piñata. Finn is so cute. Sammy used to sit and meow at us when he decided it was time for everyone to go to bed.


  2. I almost bought that exact yarn 2 days ago when I was in Walmart. I talked myself out of it. I’m really wanting to stock up on the Mandala Ombre. I really love working with it. But I’m trying to hard not to stash yarn!


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