I won’t repost the trail video here but I updated it with more photos of my hike today … I did the hike to the lower falls as usual, but kept going – 6 miles roundtrip. You can click on the link on the right sidebar that is labeled Life @ Big Canoe to see the edited video and the other wildlife ones are there too … I hope to post many more! The hike video is the one with the photo of the lake.

And speaking of video’s. Chris and Rae drove here today to give me the mask fabric and to pick up the quilts I’d made for Mo and for Chris’s camper. They stayed in the car, we all wore masks … I hate that we can’t be together and that they couldn’t come in and have baked ziti with us tonight at dinner. My turn for vaccination can’t come soon enough!

I asked Chris to video Mo when he gave her the quilt since I can’t be there. She’s so cute!

And Becky gave me a good laugh videoing Chris … they’re so silly!


  1. Cute videos. Nice soft, cuddly backing.
    Vaccine for all who want it can’t be done soon enough. Prevention will make most people safer to visit with family and friends.
    I appreciate your posts are shared with all of us in similar circumstances. My appt is mid March.

  2. How sweet! I’ve been trying all week to schedule an appointment for the vaccine. One of these days, I’ll make it through the maze and connect with a real person.

  3. It’s easy to see that the kids love their quilts! ❤️ You’ll be getting those hugs of thanks in person soon! I’ve been sharing experiences with my grandkids via video for years now and I’m so thankful for the funny moments captured “on film” and frequent and easy chats from afar. I gave my littlest granddaughter her birthday quilt via DUO as the kids live hundreds of miles away. I can’t imagine getting through the COVID separation and distance between homes without technology keeping us close. It’s a blessing. 🙂 BTW, we have plenty of snow and it’s very cold here in Minnesota right now, -17 right now. We are driving into downtown Minneapolis this morning for Tom’s first dose of the COVID vaccine. The convention center has become a vaccine center.

  4. Love how when the little ones blow kisses it looks like they are smacking their faces. Both video are adorable, Your puppy quilt was one of my favorites and Mo loves it to!

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