I had a large number of quilts waiting for donation and today I passed 25 of them along to a local guild here in North Georgia. I’d contacted one of the board members asking if they made and donated quilts locally and got this response back:

We donate quilts to several groups in Jasper.  We can use just about any type/size quilt for the pregnancy center, for baby or mom.  We also donate to an organization for children and teens quilts and also to nursing homes for lap or wheelchair size.Our club is also active in the Quilts of Valor program for veterans.

I’m thrilled that they will go to those in need locally. Sixteen of the quilts were ones I’d made and nine were donated tops that I quilted and bound.

10 thoughts on “Donated!

  1. Mary that must feel so good. Helping others with our skills and time is rewarding, and the fun of making quilts is great on its own. Way to go Mary!


  2. Wonderful, Mary!! What wonderful gifts you are providing for these people in need!! I always feel that there is so much love put into each quilt! God Bless you! ❤️🙂


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