The tree

Hedy spotted the tree in the photo with Finn last night and asked about it. I’m trying to recreate a tree that we had in the Big Canoe condo for the 12 years we owned it. We bought the condo furnished and the tree was there. We left it up year around and had special ornaments that we’d bought on our travels, that were gifts from family, or that I’d made with the kids doing “crabbies”. Here’s a photo of it by Keith’s chair. I have so many photos of the kids sitting in that chair with Keith … they sure love their Pop!

And here’s a photo of Rae hanging an ornament we’d made one year …

When we sold the condo in 2018 and moved the things we were keeping to the Tampa house, I just didn’t have room for the tree and really, it belonged there. But when we bought the house, I wanted to recreate the Big Canoe year ‘round tree here. I found one at Michaels but it’s not as tall and it has white lights rather than the colored lights so I don’t know for sure if it’s going to work. I was supposed to bring back the ornaments for it this trip (I left the tree but not our ornaments!) but I never got through the box to sort the ones that were to come back … so the tree sits naked for now in the dining room. I’ll bring the ornaments next trip and decide if this one is going to work or if I need to find another one.


  1. If my day weren’t well planned I would search the internet for you. Years of researching for a job gives me a bit of an advantage at internet searches. Today is not possible. If you would like help send parameters for a later search. Looks very north eastern or northwestern. The mountain range look.

  2. What a wonderful Big Canoe tradition, Mary! Comparing the two trees in the photos, the new one doesn’t look all that much smaller. It only appears to have a shorter trunk. I guess a foot or two lost would make a difference in the number of ornaments it would comfortably hold.

  3. Well, I liked that tree so much, I think I’ll follow in your tradition too. I do like the white lights and I think it will look terrific in our new house when we finally move in. I spotted that tree and thank you for showing us a piece of your home. I think I will decorate it with foliage of the seasons.

  4. I like the idea of a tree all year with changing ornaments. My last “work place” had a tall skinny tree in the reception area that our receptionist kept decorated for each season and special occasions. It was so cheerful to walk in and see the July 4th ornaments or Valentine’s Day.

  5. We did that for a few years after we moved to Texas. I found a fairly good size artificial plant. Put mini lights on ir. Right now it would have all my Chinese NY ornaments that we bought whike living in Taiwan. Then hanging Easter eggs and so on.

  6. I love the white lights, and it makes the tree more fitting to the seasonal holidays. It’s a great idea, and if I can find a tall thin tree I may do that myself! Love it!

  7. I like your tree Mary! I take my main tree with the colored lights down after the holidays. I keep a pencil tree with white lights year round in our family room and a grouping of three in my dinning room. The glow of the white lights make me happy year round.

  8. I might buy some strings of colored lights, maybe a solid color and the assorted, to give it a different look. My Christmas tree has white lights and I put extra strings of colored lights on it. And maybe the tree would be better if you found a table to put it on to make it taller.

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