I didn’t sew today … Keith and I decided to take a 5.5 mile hike. We walked The Wildcat trails that Keith likes since they’re actually paved – sounds easier right? Not so much – lots of hills! So many hills that my Apple Watch gave me credit for climbing 38 flights of stairs! We had intended to hike a new trail but our luck with nice weather has run out. It’s rained for the last 3 days and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

We got wet but at least we weren’t trudging through the mud.

I had a lazy afternoon when we got back and after fixing us a big pot of ChickenTortilla soup for dinner, I listened to the Lightning win while I worked on my linen stitch blanket. We haven’t been able to watch most of the games at home or here due to a combination of blackouts and a lack of them being televised locally so I’ve started listening to them. It’s the next best thing.

And while we’re enjoying the house at Big Canoe, Chris and Becky decided to head south for a long weekend staying at the Tampa house. The girls had a great time on the beach and while I hate that we’re not there with them, I’m glad they were able to get away for a bit.


  1. Love the blanket. Glad you were able to get out and walk/hike. My knees are both so bad. I need to have them done. After DH said he would never go thru that again, he tells me I need to have them done, My husband can cook a bit. Not the kind of food I like. All fried. I know after my heart attack, I was up cooking within about 5 days. He learned to shop a little bit. (I shop for a week to 10 days), especially now during covid. I am lucky. He can cook. I have friends whose husbands cannot even boil water. Our boys are both great cooks. One was a sous chef in a fancy restaurant during college. We flew to Vermont for his graduation. He did all the food prep for our meal, was sent to sit down with u and they cooked his graduation celebration dinner. He is atill a great cook, and his brother is an expert in the kitchen. He loves to cook. BBQ. Smoke foods. They can both cook. Do laundry. Grocery shop. Do dishes. Put a gourmet dinner on the table. They both also know how to take you out to dinner, always a high end place. Order what you want. They order very, very good wine. It is a great treat. Holiday meals are always at home. They are the best! We have really been missing our kids and grands during this Covid. Our son here has stopped by to check on us a few times. They both call a few times a week. One is in Honolulu and works for Kaiser and cannot leave, even with both vaccines. He would have to quarantine for 14 days before going back to work.

    We have friends that have lost their immediate family members. Not able to say goodbye. This has been so horrific. Not able to have a funeral or Celebration of Life.
    This has hit very close to home for us..

    So glad you have been so careful with your kids and grands.

  2. It’s a good thing your hiking trail was paved! I am really loving your blanket. I like the colors, the stitch, and the pattern. Maybe that’s one I could make. Does the yarn have the colors spaced so that it just makes the stripes without your having to control the color changes? (Does that make sense?) How neat that Chris and his family could have a little beach vacation at your other house.

  3. Our temps here right now are 0 with a chill factor of -18. Looking at your pictures makes me want to drive south right now. Maybe next February? Your blanket looks great, I like that linen stitch.

  4. I like the bright colors in your blanket. Its too cold here to walk outside as it’s -6* with real feel -25* right now. For my birthday our son got us a 2 month pass to the new rec center to use the fieldhouse. We’ve been walking inside this past week. The walking path is gym flooring halfway around and the other half is turf. They limit the number of walkers and you book it for one hour and then they clean it.

  5. Nice photo of both of you on your hike. I know paving helps. We had our steep driveway paved a few years ago, and walk up it is so much easier now. Great photo of the grandkids at the beach too. Love your new linen stitch afghan. I see you are using Mandela yarn. Seems like that all that I can find nowadays as Carons Big Cakes are at a premium. I may buy some Mandela for my next afghan.

  6. OMG!! 38 flights of stairs? YIKES! What a workout! Your blanket is growing quickly. Sweet of you to share the Tampa house while you guys are up in the mountains, Mary. That’s a great picture of the girls on the beach. Brings back memories of the time when my kids were little. Oh, how they loved to dig in the sand!

  7. Sounds like an exhausting hike with those hills. That beach looks so inviting! It was -17 this morning when I looked. But it’s been a good weekend for sewing time and watching Jackrabbit basketball with Oral Roberts. Had to watch online.

  8. Happy Valentine’s day !! Like the yarn your using for the blanket. You and Keith look so healthy in your picture. We’ve had a lot of cold weather and snow here, another storm coming Tuesday. Take care and stay safe!

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