My Valentine

Keith fixed me a yummy brunch this morning. He’s the breakfast cook and I’m the dinner cook!

We both worked a couple hours after brunch … I wanted to finish some of the masks to ship them off tomorrow. I didn’t take photos of all of them but the bulk of them are being made for Chris including these sports related ones. We like the elastic that goes around the head vs the ears the best but he likes the t-shirt ties. I didn’t keep track at first when I started making masks but I know that I’m over 200 now … that’s a lot for me although I know there are many of you that have made more.

Then Keith dragged me on another 4+ mile hike … this one registered as 41 flights of stairs on my Apple Watch so you know it was hilly but it’s paved which is nice considering all the rain. I know some people wouldn’t call it a “hike” on a paved path but it is definitely a challenging walk through the woods so I call it a hike!

We worked for a couple more hours when we got home and then had dinner and watched a couple more episodes of Resurrection on Netflix. I’m really enjoying this series so I’m happy that there are a million episodes… it’s subtitled but we don’t mind that at all. And that was my day with MY Valentine! Hope yours was nice too.


  1. Looks like good hiking terrain to me. We spent the afternoon watching Jackrabbit basketball from Oral Roberts. Both men and women won today. The high temp was about -7 but the sun was shining.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day Mary. I went out with my husband to tow, and actually I went into the grocery store, something that I rarely do. We went very early so there would be few people. Then a beautiful drive home, and a quiet day.Today is a family birthday celebration, small but special.The sun is just peeking over the horizon so I’m guessing we will have another great day.

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