A clean up day

I made a mess working on masks the last few days so I spent some time today cleaning up and cutting the last few masks. I have 18 left to make but they’re all cut and ready to sew and I’ll do them on another day. I wanted to start a new top today but I saw the pile of extra hourglass blocks and decided to get those assembled into a doll quilt. I just can’t stand seeing the leftovers go to waste.

Then as I was putting this top in the doll quilt bin, I realized how full it was and decided it was time to finish one. I pin basted an older one and started hand quilting it using the big stitch method. This one was pieced from chisel blocks that I thought I was going to use for a border but realized pretty quickly it wasn’t going to work … couldn’t waste them either.

I don’t do enough hand quilting to get very good at it but I enjoy it and these doll quilts are the perfect size to let me do a bit of it without dragging a project out for a long time. I’ve got the center quilted and one side of the border … 3 sides left to do and this one will be quilted.

8 thoughts on “A clean up day

  1. Your hand quilting looks perfect. I have never done it and doubt I will ever try it. I’m still working on trying to learn machine quilting.


  2. It’s wonderful seeing all of the different ways that you use your stash! I don’t have anywhere to donate doll quilts, but ideas are always welcome – and maybe I’ll have a granddaughter some day…


  3. I’ve taken your inspiration and used up some leftover blocks from my granddaughter’s unicorn quilt to make her a doll quilt. It turned out cute so I’ll give it to her next time I see her.


  4. I was chatting to Joy and mentioned living in south tampa for a long time. She said that’s where you live, but the video looked pretty wooded… are you in palma ceia? Now I live in Colorado, after 23 years in Maryland! LeeAnna at leeannaquilts at gmail dot com


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