What a mess!

My sewing room is a mess! Usually I focus on one thing at a time but I’ve got masks in progress, a new quilt that isn’t working out and needs a different direction, the small doll quilt is quilted and has the binding on and ready to hand sew down and I’m playing with shamrock fabric. There’s too much going on but hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be back down to one project and the mess should be cleaned up.

Today before I started working, I did a 6.8 mile hike but unfortunately, the rain appears to be returning tomorrow. I’ve decided that low 40’s is the perfect weather for hiking. It was 43 today and within a degree or two of that on all but two of my hikes last week. I’ve been pushing myself further and higher and find my ankle is still a bit delicate especially on uneven ground so I bought a set of trekking poles. I just used one pole today but it really does make a difference to my balance and stability when I’m climbing or stepping across streams on rocks.


  1. Husband got trekking poles after his replacement. He doesn’t use them in the house, but they are a big help when out and about. Staying safe is so much easier than healing up. Plus, they look way “cooler” than a cane.

  2. I never thought about trekking poles. I’ll have to check into those so I can explore off the sidewalks!

  3. The walking poles would be a lot of help for me too if the ground is uneven. That is the kind of terrain that aggravates my Achilles inflammation. You are usually so disciplined about not working on multiple quilting projects at once, so I imagine this has you frustrated. But I’ll bet by the weekend you will be caught up and organized again.

  4. Hooray for trekking poles. I had balance issues the first time we went to Zion National Park and they were suggested as a way to be more safe. They worked and allowed me to go farther and not stumble or injure myself. Now with the issues from breaking my foot I should pull them out again.! Your messy room is cleaner than my just cleaned craft room.

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