After taking Finn for grooming and getting in another 4 mile hike, I finished up this Easy Flock of Geese top. It’s my second finished project for our Precut challenge for February (triangles) and I’ve got one more project in process – my twisted pinwheels – but so far only the pinwheel blocks have been made, they’ll go back to Tampa for twisting.

You’d think that bin of fabric I brought with me would be a little less full after making two quilts from it but nope … not much noticeable difference. There will be others from this bin. This is the 5th top assembled this month – 3 were from blocks made in Tampa, 2 were pieced here, and a set of Pinwheel blocks were pieced and will go back to Tampa to be finished up. The sewing room is shut down for this visit. Tomorrow I’ll clean, do laundry, and pack and if time and the weather allow, sneak in another hike.


  1. This is what I call “a rich looking quilt”. The colors go together so well. I can’t believe you’ve made all these quilts from that seemingly small pile of fabrics. Way to go Mary!

  2. Your stay has gone by so fast hasn’t it? Great quilt design. I haven’t used that block pattern in a few years, but maybe it’s time for me to do one again.

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