We’re home!

Poor Finn looks ready to get out of the car doesn’t he? I still medicate him for car sickness but he does pretty good in the car now and our trip was uneventful although he did have an upset stomach after eating several hours after we got home.

Chris showed up after we left (intentionally as we’re still “isolating” ourselves from everyone) and brought my Kayak! I can’t wait to use it when we go back next time. Mine is the orange one on top. I had to wait several months on the waiting list to get a rack and when they called me in Oct, I had just broken my ankle, and then it was winter … I’m very happy to finally have it there.

He also picked up 12 crocheted child size blankets and 6 quilts to donate for me. I’m so glad to finally be moving some of these along to those in need. Those bags are bigger than they look!


  1. Looking at the pictures I can see you have been very productive with quilts and blankets. I have a stack here but the hospitals aren’t accepting them now with Covid. Poor Finn, I have a beagle who isn’t fond of riding in a car but doesn’t require medication yet. Your kayak looks wonderful, I’d love to try one out someday, I’m a total water baby.

  2. Good for you with the donations! I’ll bet you are counting down the days until you can go kayaking again! Finn is adorable! Have a safe and happy week!

  3. Welcome home Mary. It always feels good to get into our familiar spaces. Hope you all have a good Sunday.

  4. Glad to hear that you arrived safely, Mary! So sweet of Chris to deliver your kayak (so you will have it the next time you’re up at Big Canoe.) Bonus that he took the donations for distribution!

  5. So glad you are home safely and that you have your kayak there so you can use it next trip! The fact that you are delivering blankets is fantastic. Joy delivered!

  6. Afterthought: we travel to our cabin with our cat who we’ve always medicated for nausea. Last trip we decided to put her kennel up high enough to see out the front window, braced on top of a storage bin and belted to the seat. We did not medicate her. She did much better and no vomiting!!!! I prefer not to medicate. Maybe this will work for Finn?

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