Gift Exchange

One of my sisters suggested a couple months ago that we have a hand crafted family gift exchange. There were 6 of us participating – me, my 3 sisters, Mom, and one of my brothers and at that time, we did a zoom call to pull names to find out who we were going to created for and to discuss the project. Last night we had show and tell, had a chance to see everyone’s projects, and drew names for another round. Next time, my other brother will also join in. What a fun way to connect as a family. You can scroll through the photos below.

  • I made a mask, quilted coasters, and knit a hat for Maureen
  • Maureen made a wind chime for Debbie
  • Ann made a wool mat and had her son and husband help make a wood tray to go with it for Kevin
  • Kevin made a plaque for Mom
  • Debbie made a “sisters” sculpture for Ann (there are 4 sisters)
  • Mom made ME lots and lots of zippered bags and a fabric basket!!


  1. That’s a great idea. I am sure you will all smile many times a day as you enjoy your gifts.

  2. We did that twice for Christmas, and the “rules” were pretty simple, but it caused some people to stress out too much… It was fun though, and the gifts were really personal!

  3. What an amazing family activity, Mary. That sculpture is so AWESOME!!! Which sister are you? I’m guessing the 2nd one on the left. I’d be interested to know how your sister made it and how she decided on the clothing for each figure.

  4. Thats a wonderful idea! I’m surprised how many participated—willingly! You are blessed with a very special family. Love all the gifts that were exchanged!

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