I have plans for a quilting marathon this month but first I have to get through tax week! I always reserve the first week of March to assemble all the elements our accountant needs to do our taxes … I got a bit of an early start this year and after spending most of the day working on them, I think I’m almost done. There’s one form I need that is supposed to have come today (haven’t been to the mailbox yet) and I have to double check everything but hopefully they will be ready to be sent in a couple days.

As usual, things didn’t go smoothly. My printer has an error that I can’t clear which meant I was running up and down the stairs all day using Keith’s printer. Also, we decided to cancel our cable here in Tampa and go to internet based streaming only … Which ended up meaning a new modem and router from the cable company installed by me but with challenges … maybe a defective modem? It’s working but very erratically so they’re sending a tech out tomorrow. There were many devices to switch over to the new network … and again, some with challenges. In the end it was a fairly stressful day with NO sewing but I did unpack my suitcase AND my project bin so tomorrow I’m ready to tackle the following:

1) the modem issues with the cable company

2) the final tax package,

3) load the first top for quilting.

Wish me luck!


  1. Some days seem like nothing goes right. All electronics decide to go on strike. Good luck.

  2. Wow, sending you a bucketload of luck. Changeover of tech always seems to throw up some sort of issue. Hope it all get sorted out fast!

  3. We stream through Amazon using a fire stick. (I think). I’m not a tech person but I’m learning. We watch television with Britbox, Acorn, PBS Masterpiece and love every show, so much better than what the US puts out. We have our settings for the foreign shows so we read the words. We just watched Unforgettable on PBS and it was so good we talked about it for a few days. I have to start getting our taxes ready too, never a fun job. Good luck with everything.

  4. You don’t need luck. You are pretty much a superwoman who is smart enough to know when to ask for help so you can pretty much do anything.

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