I have nothing to show

No photos BUT I’ve made some progress in the last couple days.

The tax prep is finished and sent off to the accountant today.

I loaded and quilted a top of Mom’s but I can’t show it yet because it’s a gift.

I spent part of 3 days upgrading our WiFi and switching our TV set up here in Tampa from cable to web based streaming…. and by “I” I mean I did some of the work but we ended up having a tech come from the cable company … no issues on my end but it seems they sent us the wrong equipment so there was NO way I was going to get it to work … and we had an AV guy come out today and rework the TV equipment so I could sign up and use the streaming services. The cable company’s equipment has been returned, and we’re up and running. So many things around the house to switch to the new network and I’m almost done!

Tomorrow I hope to get started on some binding and maybe sew some string log cabin blocks


  1. You have been busy. Taxes, TV, and internet issues. All necessities of life and you were successful in resolutions.
    My cable company sent be a box to set up myself last fall after repairs were made to the pole connection, line to the pole, and other adjustments with minimal success. They sent a box with no internal internet modem. The upside was a nice young repairman sent the next day and set it up in 30 minutes- much less time for me to reset all my devices and account.
    Don’t get me started on tax anxiety. I have everything but hate doing them. Mine are not complicated but I hate to see how much goes to state and federal taxes.
    Quilting and stitching is my mental escape, even if I am just browsing other people’s posts. I always look forward to your posts.

  2. The technical aspect of living can consume lots of our time, but if you have been able to manage a lot of it, you are in a special group. Many of us are stymied by the cables, and the lingo that accompanies much of that universe. We are collecting the required tax information, bit by bit, and hopefully will have it gathered and sent to the wonderful woman who is our angel of the taxes. I’m so thankful for her expertise, and reasonable cost. An accountant’s role cannot be too easy, and it is infinitely detail oriented. Let’s just say, that finding her, after struggling many years on my own, was heaven sent.
    Yesterday I spent a lot of time clearing my sewing space so I could start tracing the first block of Hagatha’s House, a BOM from Cackling Stitches. I really enjoy Hallowe’en, and this is the perfect opportunity to indulge my likes. I’m hoping that you have a great day Mary, including some time to do nothing, or whatever makes your heart sing

  3. Glad to hear you got the quilting ball rolling, Mary! Sorry the TV system wasn’t as easy switch as you had hoped. At least, it’s been sorted and you are up and running!

  4. It hurts my head to hear you talk about taxes and internet issues. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your string log cabin quilt. I have so many strips waiting!

  5. The cable companies that were so cocky and not customer oriented are finding out that their unwillingness to change to suit customers may cause a death to their concept.

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