1. My dog was the same way. He is nearly blonde now, but was dark just like your little guy Fiin. His breeder said that isn’t uncommon for the dark brown puppies. We got him a companion this year, and she is black and white and brown. Is suspect she will stay that way. I so enjoy joy blog Mary. I lurk for the most part, but wanted.to let you know. Your quilts are so pretty, and I’m always amazed at what you get done in a week!

  2. 4 years?? it really doesn’t seem that long, but my daughter had a Finn when he arrived and his replacement has been around for about 3 years so I guess that time is flying by. He is and was adorable.

  3. He’s super cute Mary. These little creatures embed themselves in our hearts, and provide so much love and companionship.

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  5. Finn was so tiny! and adorable. My little doggie had dark fur too, but is almost white now. She is a Yorkie, Bichon, mix. She just turned 10 yrs. and is in perfect health, so I plan to have her to love for a long time.

  6. Wow, such a change! I have had Shih Tzu’s and have a 7 month old one now. Their coloring changes a lot too and it always amazes me how much. The puppy was black when we got her and is still pretty black but she is lighting up in some spots. It will be interesting so see what color she ends up to be. Finn is a cutie!!

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