Thank you all for your concern about Keith. It’s been a challenging day for him but he’s taken it easy and rested. Hopefully his antiviral meds will kick in soon. Poor thing, his birthday is tomorrow. What a terrible way to celebrate.

Before my dentist appointment I did manage to quilt my first Strips and Strings log cabin top and even got it trimmed and ready for binding. I also made a few blocks for the 3rd strips and strings log cabin quilt and there are just 8 blocks left to make for that one.

I quilted a leafy meander – freehand.

Some leaves are funky and some look like hearts but I’m OK with that.

After my dentist appointment, I went to the grocery store, carted all the groceries in and put them away, cooked dinner, cleaned up, and took the garbage out. Keith is a very good patient and not difficult to care for at all but MAN do I realize how much he helps around here when he’s out of commission. He usually grocery shops and cleans up after dinner.

8 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Your leafy free hand quilting is really nice, sure wish I could free hand better. I use pantographs on all my really nice tops and use a meander on others.

  2. Definitely hope those meds kick in for Keith so he feels some relief. Love that leafy quilting – it has some real elegance to it.

  3. Shingles around the eye is very dangerous! Glad you got him to urgent care, and received meds. And it is SO uncomfortable. I hope he feels better soon.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! I love all the colors! My husband, a pharmacist, took valacyclovir for his shingles. He also said maybe gabapentin or Lyrica might help Keith. Maybe he is on those now. Anyway, I hope he feels better soon!

  5. Mary, sorry to here that Keith is sick. It is nice that he is so helpful. Hope his pain is under control.

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