What a week!

Can I whine some more? Taxes are done and sent off to the accountant, the switch from cable to internet based streaming is done including setting up a new network and having to manually change ALL the connected devices in the house … but now I also have an unexpected patient to care for – poor Keith has developed shingles on his face and there’s involvement around his eye which is completely swollen. As you can imagine he doesn’t feel very well and can’t drive with that eye shut and with everything combined, I’ve had limited time in the sewing room this week.

He was seen in the urgent care and then I drove him yesterday to see an ophthalmologist so we’re being very cautious about the eye. He’s on antiviral meds and I hope things don’t get any worse before they start to improve. I guess we’re both going to have to make time to get the shingles vaccine after we get the COIVD one.

I have managed to load and quilt one top of Mom’s and even got it trimmed, the binding on, and I hand sewed it down last night after Keith went to bed. There’s another top loaded and ready for me to start quilting it today which I hope to get done before I have to go to the dentist later today. Yep, that’s just the cherry on top of this week – a dentist appointment.

On the bright side, Mom’s package arrived with all the bags she’d made me for our family gift exchange and she also sent me two sets of Hearts for two more Log Cabin Heart quilts! I can hardly wait to start on them but I’ve got to finish up the last set of strips and strings log cabin blocks I started in January. Not only did she cut and fuse them, she appliqued them all so they’re ready to go. The hearts are all different colors and one set has scrappy backgrounds of many colors and the other has scrappy neutral backgrounds.


  1. I thought 2021 was going to be a better year for you. This time, it is your husband’s turn for medical care. I hope he recovers quickly.
    I just got the first dose of the vaccine and can’t wait to get all my delayed preventive vaccines up to date- including the shingles vaccine.
    All my routine screenings are far behind due to Covid.
    This week was modified dental cleaning and vaccine. Next week us yearly exam that is a year overdue. Then other ortho screenings that were also a year overdue. I have been fortunate with no serious medical issues this past year. Just 2 severe outbreaks of poison ivy treated by phone dr visit and prescription.

    I love all the heart blocks your mother sent to you. You will whip them into quilts in no time and be sharing them with us.

    Good luck with the dental exam.

  2. Hope that Keith doesn’t have too rough a time with the shingles…
    I’ve had my 2 doses of Shingrix – watched my mom deal with it twice.
    I love the heart / log cabin quilts, and I m really excited to see the one with the bright backgrounds!

  3. My thoughts are with Keith. My husband had shingles, and they are very painful. Best wishes for speedy healing.
    Your mom’s heart blocks look so happy. I am looking forward to seeing them all put together.

  4. Well Mary, this is certainly a complex week for you. Be sure to take care of yourself while you are adding new jobs. Shingles are painful, and temporarily debilitating. I had shingles about 15 years ago, and the memory is still quite vivid. Keith I feel for you. This might be a good time to “take time to smell the roses”.

  5. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about Keith. Praying that these meds do the trick and start him healing. My husband and I have had the Shingrix vaccine (2 doses) to prevent shingles. Plan ahead when you schedule your appointments. You might feel lousy for 24 to 48 hours after getting the vaccine, somewhat like flu symptoms. I especially felt awful after the first dose and not quite as bad after the second dose. My husband had a nearly similar experience. You have certainly accomplished MANY THINGS this week, Mary, so a big pat on the back for you! Maybe they weren’t as fun as sewing, but…those things must get done. I hope your patient IS patient and that you have a little time for yourself, too. You’ll be sewing on those Heart String blocks and other projects before you know it!!!

  6. Oh my – poor Keith! Shingles is so painful. I remember one of my girlfriends having them very close to her eye too. I’m very glad that we’ve both had our shingles shots. Those are some cheerful little heart blocks to begin your log cabins.

  7. I hope Keith heals quickly from his shingles. Not fun at all. I had them twice; the first time was around my eye. I thought I had a bug bite and my eye swelled shut. I left work and went to the emergency room. They had traveled up over my head too. The second time was on the other side of my head. I got the shingles vaccine as soon as I turned 60 and then got the shingrex vaccines later on. Your mother does a wonderful job on applique. Her blanket stitch sets it off just right. Best wishes to ;you both.

  8. My dad had shingles when he was in his early 40’s. We were at boarding school and each week my mother would write to two of us and my dad would write to the third, it rotated each week. For a while we didn’t get letters from him because he had shingles. I remember being really worried, enough so that as soon as I was offered the chance for the shingles vaccine I took it.
    I hope that Keith feels better soon and that his eye gets better quickly.

  9. I’m so sorry that Keith has shingles. I have them right now too. I’m sure i’ve mentioned that I had them the first time in 2011 and have had them repeatedly ever since. After the first bout which was on my face and ribs on the left side, I developed postherpetic neuralgia which is where the pain stays once the shingles heal. Each subsequent bout has left me with more PHN which pretty much involves the entire left side of my body. The last bout a year ago jumped to the right side and I now have PHN on that side too. I had the Shingrix shots last fall, but I’m apparently in the small percentage that they don’t prevent all shingles outbreaks because I broke out in a new area on the left side of my back this past weekend and it’s spread along that dermatome under my arm. It’s so painful right now. I keep antivirals in the house and it’s clearing up but the pain is excruciating. Fortunately I see a pain doctor monthly and have Percocet and medical marijuana to help with the pain. It takes the edge off. There’s also a hereditary element…my son and daughter have each had shingles on their faces twice. My son had both in his 30s (he’s 33) and my daughter in her 20s (She’s 31) I pray that Keith doesn’t get PHN, it’s a horrible thing to live with, my life has completely changed because if it. On the bright side I do go get my first Covid shot today! Hoping for the best outcome for Keith. I can do very little now except go to work and come home. Lee does all the housework and most of the cooking now because my weekends and evenings are spent resting, sleeping and trying to control my pain. My thoughts are with you both.

  10. Oh no, poor Keith! My husband had shingles around his waist years ago. Very painful. My daughter had shingles on her face when she was 8 yrs old and had one very close to her eye. We also had to take her to the eye doctor. They both recovered just fine but was not fun!! I have not had the shingles vaccine and I think now I will get it after I get my 2nd Covid shot next week. I will wait about a month or so. I have heard of too many people getting shingles lately. Love your Mom’s hearts and can’t wait to see the finished quilt! Best wishes to your patient and you!!

  11. That’s the one thing we all hope we never get! So sorry for Keith . Life just isn’t fair sometimes. I hear they are super painful. I’ve had one of my shingles shot. Best I get the second one. I got the first one, than they said they came out with a better one, but I never got around to get it. It’s time too! Hope it’s not to painful for you at the dentist. Try not to get to worn out with all that’s going around you! XO

  12. Oh, no, Mary!! Sorry to hear about Keith and hoping your dental appointment is for something routine. Sweet of your Mom to send two more sets of Heart blocks – they’re SEW cute!

  13. Sorry about Keith’s shingles. Hubby and I have had the shingles vaccines, we knew someone who suffered for years and didn’t want to get it. But I also got both pneumonia vaccines and sure got pneumonia too. Take it easy Mary during this time, stress isn’t good.

  14. Boy having had shingles on two nerves on either side of my face I feel for him. Please take the Shingrix shot as soon as you can. They tell you not to take the Shingrix shots while you have active shingles. One of my quilting blogger friends has shingles in her eye and I can’t get her to respond and I am worried. Please keep an eye on Keith’s eyes. Another time when your competence is a huge plus.

  15. I am very sorry to read about Keith’s shingles! They are VERY painful! I’ve had shingles twice,AND, I had the shingles shot before I got them the second time. The second time I got them on my face as well, I had to see an ophthalmologist twice as there was danger I would loose my eyesight in one eye. Thank goodness I didn’t however I have permanent nerve damage that resulted in me loosing my sense of smell and taste. I can’t even smell bleach! I will never regain these senses. All the best to him, it’s a long process even with the anti virus meds. The first time I had them, there were no meds, I had to suffer through it.

  16. Sorry to read about Keith. My mom had shingles and it affected her eye. I think doctors know a lot more about shingles now and hopefully can prevent it from affecting his eye.
    Meanwhile your mom’s hearts are such a bright spot. Did she applique them on the machine? Such good workmanship on the stitching!
    Take care!

  17. Hoping Keith has a speedy and complete recovery. My father had shingles on his face by his eye and everything eventually healed, but it was worrisome for awhile. You certainly will have enough projects to keep you occupied while also caring for your patient. Your mom did beautiful stitching on the appliquéd heart blocks.

  18. Dear Mary: So sorry to hear about your Husband. I used to work in a recovery Room and one of our Anesthesiologists injected the sites of the nerves involved with the pain of Shingles… these were usually in the chest and lower body.
    The other comment … did they tell you that he needs to stay away from children as shingles is the chicken pox virus… varicella zoster. The fluid in the shingles rash is what can be infectious to others who have never had chickenpox or who may get shingles. Ask your DR. about when not contagious. Usually it is when the shingles rash is all dry.
    Also you be careful, keep surfaces clean and keep your hands away from your face and eyes.
    My Girlfriend and I drove from El Paso to Houston for her referral for cancer to MD Anderson. We went a day early cause I told her you never know what might happen. Her Mum came in from Atlanta the next day. When she got to the Hotel she showed us here itchy leg. She had shingles from her waist to her big toe on her left side. We spent the day in ER!. She got started on an anti viral and pain meds. We had chlorox bleach spray and paper towels with us for both hotel rooms. She was in a separate room… her request. My friend was on chemo. So I ended up trying to keep everything clean. The pain meds helped her.
    So hope Keith is getting better. Find ways to relax both of you. Watch movies. I am sure your doggie is keeping an eye on things and wandering what is up.
    Take care of yourself.

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