It’s just perfect!

Mom and I presented Keith with his birthday quilt today. It’s just perfect! The deer have been popping up on my cameras all week so it’s the perfect quilt for Big Canoe! Mom sent me the top while we were still at Big Canoe and as soon as we came home I got it loaded and quilted … and bound. It was a busy week but this was one quilt that had a deadline for finishing. It even has a soft Minkee backing so it’s extra warm and cozy!

Pantograph is Flutter Leaves.


  1. I love all the different greens you used! I haven’t sewn with minkie. Is it easy to manage as a quilt backing? I am just now catching up with you posts from the last few days. So sorry to hear about Keith! I sure hope he makes a quick recovery. So scary that it involves his eye. I am so afraid of getting it and should get the vaccine after I get my second covid shot. Your mom’s heart blocks are so pretty! How does she hold the fabric when she appliqués the heart onto it? Does she use a hoop like for embroidery?

  2. I’m sure Keith loved his quilt – from one deer to another dear 🙂 I had to google shingles as I don’t know much about it. It looks painful – hope hubby is finally making a good recovery by now; enough to celebrate his Birthday 🙂

  3. It’s got the Big Canoe vibe for the Big Kakuna of the family. That’s a very thoughtful gift, indeed.

  4. That’s just lovely! The quilts with minky backs are favorites in my house, so soft and warm.

  5. Very appropriate quilt – it looks great and I bet Keith loved it, particularly since he is on the sick list. Happy birthday Keith and get over those shingles as quick as you can – very nasty gift from those chicken pox you probably had as a kid!

  6. The checkerboard really frames that panel beautifully. I’ll bet Keith was tickled to receive this quilt.

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