I checked two items off my list today – first up, the Hopeful Hearts top is quilted. I used the same pantograph I used yesterday on Mom’s – Leafy Love – but I downsized it a little. That’s one of the things I love about the Pantovision on my Innova, the ability to resize my pantographs. It’s #4 quilted since I’ve been home and I’ve been hesitant to set a goal before now but I think I should be able to quilt 10 this month. Not an overly lofty goal but one that should keep me from getting too far behind.

I also got the binding on Mom’s Hunter Star quilt. This is another one we made together and Mom says it’s her last bed size quilt but we’ll see! Because it is so big, I had her send me the binding. I think it’s amazing that she’s quilting as much as she does at her age (89!) but I was afraid it would be a challenge for her to handle the bulk and weight of this one. She will hand sew the binding down.


  1. The Hunters Star is beautiful. Mom has her hands full with binding it. What a blessing that she is still in good health.

  2. My heart is so full for you and your Mom. Her wellness to be able to quilt, and you able to quilt for her and apply binding on the biggies. Makes me miss my Mom-gone over 13y already.

    Happy quilting marathon!

  3. You and your mom are impressively productive! I know you must miss her and the tears will flow when you can visit in person again! Thankful you both have stayed healthy during this pandemic.

  4. Wow, Mary, your mum is amazing! I hope I can still sew at 89! The quilts are gorgeous 🙂

  5. That Hunter’s Star quilt is calling to me. I have the AccuQuilt die, so I guess I’d better get moving on planning one. So many quilts, so little time!

  6. Love that hopeful heart quilt. And yes… your mom is amazing! I hope I’m still quilting when I’m 89 years old. What a gift to share your love of quilting.

  7. Both quilts are beautiful. It is my wish that if I am lucky to make it to 89, I can quilt half as beautifully as your mother. She is amazing!

  8. It’s wonderful your mom is still quilting. I’m sure she comes from good stock. Your Mom has great spirit. I’m sure it makes you feel good that she stays pretty active. Love how the heart quilt is coming out. Great idea with the hearts!! Someone is going to love it!! Take care!

  9. Mary, in a separate blog post, would you consider walking us through your process for deciding which pantograph to choose and the tightness/spacing/size of the design. I know some of that is determined by the manufacturer’s recommendation printed on the batting label. And if you have a lot of small pieces, you might want some quilting to run across there. I see no long-term functional benefit to stitch-in-the-ditch; esthetic, yes, but functional no. If it’s a log cabin type, do you choose something with some curves? I guess these how and why questions would be answered in an online quilting tutorial?

  10. The 2 of you make a great team! The quilts are both so pretty and will definitely be loved.

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