So I’ve got an appointment in two weeks for the COVID vaccine … here in FL. Keith doesn’t have an appointment yet but they say they will open it up to 55 and older soon … maybe within a week or so.

We both got notifications that appointments were available in GA next week but we both have appointments here … Keith for the ophthalmologist because of his shingles and me … the dentist…So that doesn’t work. Plus he needs another week or so to “recover” from his shingles. We’ll see how everything plays out in the next couple weeks but this is still sooner than we expected to be able to be vaccinated so I’m happy!

In the meantime, I’m piecing twisted pinwheel blocks and binding!


  1. Yay! I got my 1st dose a week ago & while it made my arm for about a day, I didn’t mind since it sure beats the alternative, doesn’t it? Let us know how yours goes! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. I’m happy for you Mary. The sooner we are able to be vaccinated, the sooner our world can start to heal. For us, it may not be until September, but they have started with the over 80 this month, and our care homes are completed, so that is welcome progress.
    I am embroidering some embellishments on a sweet quilt, and soon will be able to assemble all of the blocks. Finally I have reached that point.
    Enjoy your weekend, and a busy week next it would seem

  3. Mary I am so glad you have an appointment. My husband and I got our first vaccine shot last Friday and we were so relieved. It was amazing. I hope your Husband is getting better. All the best. Carolyn

  4. I’m so glad you are scheduled for your first shot. We received our second shot. It is so freeing that I have to remind myself that we’re not quite free yet. I still have to wear a mask (two), wash my hands, and distance. But, even with those conditions, it is a very encouraging event! I hope Keith continues to progress with the shingles.

  5. Good news Mary. My friend had a slight cold and they refused her, I guess they want people in good shape. I sure hope Keith gets over his shingles soon, I hope he’s not in too much pain.

  6. Oh that is good that you have your appointment…we are in the 2-week waiting period after our 2nd shot….it is a real stress reliever to have gotten the shots…still being cautious though…
    Hope Keith recuperates soon…hugs, Julierose

  7. Wonderful. Great to hear . Pennsylvania is a huge mess. We waited 5 weeks because our family doctor was giving them. 2 days before our appointment they called and said the state said they couldn’t get any more first does. The state thought it was a great idea to distribute the vaccine to fewer places. I was online for 3 days constantly registering and hunting. Finally got appointments for the next day. Meanwhile I get told all these stories from people who’ve done it -of them jumping the line-not eligible but getting vaccinated. One gave the scheduler a $75 gift card. Others lied. Heck, I read on someone’s blog a lie they told. No shame in these peoples game. I was afraid they were going to open up another phase and there would be even less appointments. We use the Nextdoor app and it’s truly sad to read all the stories of COVID-19

  8. Having an appointment is great news. My first shot is finally next Friday, and Dave got a call to schedule yesterday so he will get his the Friday after that. Our county is only holding vaccine clinics on Fridays each week. But one of the pharmacies got doses for all school staff in town this week, so I feel like that is a major milestone even if they haven’t made much of a dent in the “old folks” yet.

  9. I’ve had my first vaccine dose, and Monday I get the second. I’m in Calif. I didn’t have any, I mean ANY reaction to the first dose. Not even a sore arm. I am so looking forward to visiting with family and friends and being safer. (I hope) So glad to hear you will be getting vaccinated soon. I am so sorry to hear what Keith is going thru. Shingles is a terrible thing. I also have my Shingles vaccine. Take care, both of you.

  10. Glad you got your appointment for your vaccine. Hope Keith is feeling a little better. I go for my second shot for the vaccine net Thursday. It will be good to have it behind me. I’ll have to wait two or three weeks ,but after that I can hug my grandchildren! I’ve miss them. Take care!!

  11. Please consult with the doctor about the current wisdom on how long you have to wait after taking anti-virals. I was warned to wait 3 weeks after the last dose, but there are other numbers floating around from no wait to 3 months. New vaccines and not a lot of information means lots of confusion. Good luck on getting the vaccine soon for both of you/

  12. Japan is so behind. Over 65 is starting from next month but the government is still trying to decide how the vaccine is going to be distributed…. Online appointments only? First come, first serve? There’s going to be a lot of red tape!

  13. We’re working on getting our vaccinations here in SC. I hope Keith is healing quickly. Take care!

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