The cats and fox seemed to go round and round the house this week and I was a bit worried about the fox catching one so I looked up what they ate. My squirrels had better watch out! My two chunky raccoons were back too!

Gray foxes are considered carnivores because a large portion of their diet includes rabbits, rats, mice, squirrels, birds, and insects, however they also will eat carrion and vegetation, including all types of fruits, nuts and berries.


  1. That video worked good this time. I really enjoyed it. That’s a well fed fox. We get red ones here. I wonder if that’s the neighbor’s cat! That looked well fed also ! Stay safe!!

  2. I agree with Janice! Your video today made me laugh because everyone loves the new stairs, even if like the deer they just walk beside it.
    Love the videos, so funny.

  3. I really enjoy watching the video with the wild life. All I see around here is squirels

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