So, if your last name is McLaughlin … and your father is first generation Irish American …what would YOUR favorite holiday be? Maybe St. Patrick’s Day?! He’s looking right at ME!!! What did I do?!

With his parents and my older sister Debbie…

With his siblings ….

With Mom …

With my boys a couple months before he died 32 years ago …

LOVE you and miss you DAD!


  1. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you Mary. Lovely photos of your Dad. It is weird here in Ireland. No parades or celebrations as we are still in lockdown. We still have a way to go as we are still only at the over 80’s getting the vaccine. Supply is very slow coming to us.
    Love seeing all the lovely work you do

  2. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you, Mary,great pictures and wonderful memories, thanks for sharing them with us, We need a heart emoji sometimes <3

  3. Beautiful memories Mary. It’s so hard to lose your dad, even hurts when it is a long time past. Hugs

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