1. Happy birthday Adam! My baby turned 37 in December, and my first born will be 40 in July. I may have more trouble accepting that 40th birthday than she will. LOL

  2. Our baby is now 53. Makes his dad and I wonder where that time went. We have great grand children now, and it is so much fun being with them and providing some child care, even if we are tuckered out at day’s end.
    How is Keith faring these days. I hope the shingles are retreating

  3. Happy Birthday kiddo 🙂

    When my brother turned 50 (4th in birth order of 6), Mom said: I’m fine being 80. But 4 kids over 50? That’s just wrong. 😉 I’m kid #5 and about to turn 60. Wonder what she’d say about that if she were still on earth? 😉

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