Another 3 Yard Quilt

I mentioned last week that HeartStrings is doing a 3 yard quilt challenge and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to make some kid quilts for donation. This is the 2nd Town Square quilt from Fabric Cafe that I cut and pieced this morning. Next up will be two Strippies from the leftover fabric from both quilts.

This afternoon I drove to New Port Richey to meet Sandy, a friend of Kathy’s, who is heading back to WI soon and she’s taking 6 finished donation quilts to Kathy for me, saving me the cost of shipping them. I miss attending the sew-ins in WI and I like to send Kathy quilts once or twice a year so I can still be part of the group effort even though I’m participating remotely!


  1. How cute!! This is another pattern that allows the fun print be the star. I’m sure the Wisconsin group misses having you sew with them as much as you miss them.

  2. Mary, would you mind me asking what size is the large block in Town Square? I have the Sew Quick pattern by Fabric Cafe that I was planning to use until I saw your quilts. Your quilt caught my eye (it has more interest) and I am now debating whether I want to switch to that pattern, but I want to use whichever pattern has the biggest size block for my focal fabric that I plan to use.

    I enjoy reading your blog posts and admire your generosity, whether it’s for donation quilts or makings kits for your mom. You both have good taste 😉


  3. Hi Mary! What cute dinosaur fabric. Some young person is going to adore this quilt so much. Whereabouts did you quilt in Wisconsin? Just curious since that’s where I live. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I’ve got some scraps of that dinosaur fabric. It is so colorful and fun! I’d love to work with it again.

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