The rectangle quilt is assembled. This was from a jelly roll and meets the April Precut Challenge. It’s a bit larger then the others I’ve done – 56 x 72 – so it’s a nice donation size.

And since I couldn’t let those stripset ends go to waste, there’s another doll quilt top. I didn’t see I had those two fabrics too close until after it was pieced and I’m not taking it out!


  1. Hi Mary. I think this quilt may be one possibility for me to use some of the many small scraps I have. It appears that the rectangles are about 2 1/2″ by 4 1/2″. I have scads of small scraps that most folks throw out. I’m wanting your opinion on whether it might be a better outcome if I limit the colours in some way for mine. What suggestion would you make?

  2. Really nice quilt. I don’t blame you for not picking it out. I was at a quilt show in Arizona once and they told me if you can see the mistakes while riding a horse at full gallop, then you have to pick it out.

  3. Beautiful quilts with cheerful colors. I wouldn’t take apart the doll quilt either. I don’t think the doll will notice that very slight mistake. Hee! Hee!

  4. Where would I find a pattern for this? I know it’s easy but would like some idea of size of bricks.

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