Assembled x 2

Good grief! These 3 yard quilts are just too fast and I’ll have my work cut out for me getting them all quilted and bound. Yesterday after finishing my Rectangle top, I cut this one out and came down today to piece the top. I pretty much do my borders different on all of these but the pattern is City Lights from the Fast and Fun 3 yard quilt book.

Close-up of the fabrics

After finishing that one, I still had half the afternoon so I cut and started … and finished another one. Using the same pattern but I used 4 fabrics on this one so I could enlarge it a bit with the borders.

And again, here’s a close up view of the fabrics.


  1. How big are those squares? I can see that they would go together quickly. I really like the top one.

  2. These are awesome! I kept thinking I had that book and found it right away. I plan to cut the strips for at least one Brick Street quilt this weekend. Thanks for the ideas once again!

  3. The two quilts are great! You really worked your magic on those !! I don’t think I could do those so fast. How many Quilts do you have to bind now? Love the material with the snow on the trees. Take care. Looks like you had fun with the canoe the other day!

  4. You’re a bad influence on me, Mary—or should I say “fun”??? LOL I was so inspired by your quick 3-yard quilts that I purchased this book online and cut & sewed one similar to yours yesterday. Now today I found more fabric that will work perfectly, so I’m working on my 2nd one. So fun–thanks for the inspiration!

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